How Do You Get Your Kids Excited About Moving a Long Distance?

Long-distance relocation can be traumatic for anybody, but especially for youngsters who can’t comprehend a world other than their own. When you relocate, it might shatter their sense of normalcy and the security that comes with daily routines. They must leave their beds, schools, and friends behind. That is why, before relocating, you should consider your children’s reactions and attempt to prepare them for the change. It will help your children adjust to their new normal if you can get them on board, as well as make the shift easier and comfortable for everyone. Here are a few simple strategies by expert movers of Brisbane to attempt while planning for a long-distance move with kids:

  1. Make a strategy

You, the parent, are the key to a successful transition. Prepare yourself to provide a smooth transition for your children. Make a precise plan for everything, from when you’ll pack to who will look after the kids while you’re packing. Make a list of everything you’ll need to pack, room by room, and collect all the items you’ll need (packing tape, markers, packing paper, boxes). Know who is assisting you with the move and when they will arrive. Determine when and how to change your address, utilities, and other important information. The healthier for your family, the more organised you can be about the transfer.

  1. Keep in touch

Discuss your planned relocation freely and joyfully. Tell your kids where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Regularly review the plan and maintain a good attitude so that they have time to process it. Encourage your children to voice their questions, anxieties, and concerns throughout these continuous discussions. Don’t minimise the shift that’s coming; instead, encourage them to talk about their emotions with you so they know they’re not alone.

  1. Get them pumped up

Make the relocation experience as enjoyable as possible. Allowing your children to write or draw on the boxes that house their stuff is one option. Allow them to personalise those boxes as much as they want. As a bonus, it will be much easier to locate their belongings when you offload at your new place. You could also want to buy your youngster some “moving day activities,” such as audio books, quiz games, colouring books, and so on.

This involves moving day exciting because it allows you to try out new toys.

  1. Have items to keep them occupied

Save your children’s favourite toys and trinkets for the final possible day of packing before moving. They will be able to continue to enjoy their favourite activities in this manner. Create a separate box for each youngster that is labelled with his or her name. Keep a few cherished toys or blankets in the car or on the airplane with him or her when you travel. If you’re driving, pack a cooler with healthy liquids and snacks with you. Allow your children to exercise and dissipate their energy by taking regular breaks and stopping.

A long-distance move is a major change for everyone, but by adopting the four steps above, you can help your children adjust more smoothly. Plan ahead of time, communicate freely with your child, and find ways to make the transition enjoyable and exciting for them. This way, you’ll all be able to acclimate to your new house day by day.


Make a plan.

Set aside some time to collect all of the items you wish to sell. Detach emotionally and concentrate on the advantages of reducing your movement load. Then, put together related sales items: Make heaps of clothing, books, tools, furniture, and other items. This not only makes it easy to keep track of what you’re selling, but that also makes organising items at the sale easier.

Use tables, clothing racks, bins, and other objects to arrange your items in a way that allows for easy browsing as you prepare for your event. Clothing, for example, should be displayed on hanging rather than jammed into crates. Place the culinary items on a table where they will be visible. Customers will find it easy to purchase your things if you organise them well.

Prepare yourself.

Have cash on hand on the day of your sale so you can split large notes or give consumers change. Rather of placing it in a cash box where it could be snatched and stolen, you should secure it in a safe and To preserve the cache, utilise an on-person cash pack. Setting a mirror near the clothing department, having a calculator on hand to total up products, and having a lot of plastic or paper bags accessible for bagging what people buy are all sensible preparatory procedures.

Selling in a group is more effective.

It is self-evident that there is strength in numbers. You may make your moving sale more appealing and attract more buyers by collaborating with a few other neighbours or acquaintances. Ask around your neighbourhood or town to see if someone wants to contribute stuff to your garage sale. Then collaborate to make your sale a success.


More clients equal more sales opportunities, so place ads in your local newspaper, internet forums, Facebook groups, and mobile applications, among other places. Inform your family and acquaintances about the impending sale. The more people who know about it, the better.

However, OZZIEE MOVERS of Brisbane are always by your side to make your move easy and comfortable. Connect with us for a free quote.

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