How Do You Preserve Bakery Products During Monsoons?

Baking is one of the most enjoyable and healthy hobbies to conduct at home or even commercially, and it is generally characterized as a way of cooking using dry heat, usually in an oven. However, it is rather a much more technical process than it seems and an important part of successful baking is proper storage of your ingredients. Storage can pose a problem especially if you live near the coastal regions or even in places with heavy rainfall, this primarily happens due to the increase in humidity in the air. To save yourself from a baking disaster, here is a list of a few ways to preserve bakery products during the Monsoons:

Dry Ingredients

Most dry baking ingredients, such as salt, sugar, and flours, should be stored in cold, dark regions in your kitchen in sealed or airtight containers. While baking soda, baking powder, and cornstarch should be stored in cold, dark areas in their original containers. When it comes to yeast, however, it depends on whether or not the box has been opened; if it has not been opened, the same rule applies as with other dry ingredients. If it has been opened, keep it sealed in the freezer.

While it is a task to store the ingredients correctly, mixing the basic necessities together to bake can turn your cake into a delicious and the most blissful dessert. Your cake is a success only if you use the right techniques to bake the sweet little eateries. But if you don’t have the knack then you can either visit the Luxuary chocolate Shop In Mumbai or order it online. This is one of the best options you can opt for cakes if you stay in Mumbai. 

Liquid Ingredients

When it comes to liquid components, there are two options: if it’s open, put it sealed in the fridge. If the packaging is intact, keep the liquids in a cold, dark area along with your dry ingredients. Avoid all metal containers especially when it comes to honey as the oxidation process is faster.   

Dried Ingredients

Breadcrumbs, oats, and nuts stay fresh and good when kept in dry, airtight containers. Use sealed containers to store your dry fruits.  However, thanks to dampness, they may cluster together and become limp or soft.  It can get really tricky to preserve bakery products during the monsoons

Wrap & Refrigerate to preserve bakery products

Of course, store your butter and cheese in the refrigerator, but they cover them in cling foil to prevent other odours from mingling with them. Other things that you may preserve in the refrigerator are eggs, heavy cream, and cream cheese.  Furthermore, a refrigerator may be highly useful for preserving dough, leftover cake, or other foodstuffs for a baker. To stop additional scents from mixing with other items, make sure to wrap any particular things before storing them in the fridge.

Ask Grandma to preserve bakery products

Homemakers in the past utilized imaginative solutions to reduce food loss due to deterioration in the absence of plastic storage containers and freezers. Thus developed several ways of food preservation that are still in use today. Add a few grains of uncooked rice to the jars to prevent the clumping of sugar and salt.  The moisture can easily get into salt and sugar and affect its particle size. Before the rains, dry spices, grains, flours, and chilies in the sun.  Traditionally herbs played an important role to keep moulds and insects at bay.  Another method is to preserve sun-dried pulses and grains alongside dried neem leaves, bay leaves, turmeric, garlic cloves, and dried chilies. They serve to extend the shelf life of cereal grains due to their inherent anti-fungal qualities.

Grandma’s tricks and quick recipes were unique and were passed down from one generation to another. Some of the traditionally pounded cheesecakes carry so many sweet memories that are still kept in the collection of our grandma’s approved recipes. 

Today it is difficult to find bakeries that still follow the traditional techniques to bake a cake. But if you stay in Mumbai then you should try Toujours, the best traditional bakery in Mumbai. You can order online too here and need not worry about the authenticity in your cake as they adopt superior quality ingredients and carry an unmatched finesse in paying attention to finer details while baking your dessert. 

Shop Minimal

Storing your raw materials correctly is crucial. But if you are not a frequent or commercial baker, then storing can be detrimental.  It is prudent to shop less or restrict your purchases. Purchasing exactly what you require can ensure optimization and minimize the wasting of baking ingredients.

To recap, in the rainy season, dry and dark areas are your friend.  When you are in doubt, warp refrigerate the item in question. If the product has moulds or has passed its expiration date, it is better to discard it.  You can use the sieve to assist with lumps in flours.

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