How to Avoid Patchy Makeup During a Winter Wedding

Cold climate often leaves you with dry skin, chapped lips, and limp hair, yet most weddings happen in the coldest months. Australia is one of the beautiful countries and the best venue for weddings with snowy mountains in the background. If you are planning your wedding in the coldest month or the cold places in Australia, this blog is for you.

Winter weddings are great fun. Enjoy the lavish lunches and dinner, soft music, precious time with family members and friends. Hire the best beauticians in Penrith for your bridal makeup and shoot for dreamlike wedding pictures. Everything is just perfect, but it might go wrong if you don’t take care of your skin. Don’t miss out on the fact that a cold climate can make your skin look flaky and dry. Even if you have oily skin, you too will bear the consequences of a winter wedding.

So, it is best to take care of your skin in advance. Find the bridal makeup artists in Penrith for your wedding day and discuss your skin type. The experts will brief you with a skincare routine to follow in the post-wedding months. These beauty tips will help you look fabulous on your wedding day. We understand not everyone wishes to spend pennies to get basic skincare tips. So, we discussed the winter beauty tips with some of the top beauticians in PenrithWe asked them to share their secrets. We talked about how to tackle flaky skin and avoid patches during a winter wedding, and more. Here are some best tips that can make you look confident and beautiful on your special day.

Moisturize Regularly

Winter makes your skin dry, and adding makeup to it will make it look flaky. It is essential that you keep your skin hydrated for smooth base makeup. Try putting on moisturizer every time you wash your face. Also, moisturize right before applying makeup. Make skin-renewal night creams are also available online that you can add before sleeping. These actions will help your skin stay hydrated and moisturized.

Take Proper Lip care

Make sure to add lip balm or petroleum jelly cream on the lips before putting on lipstick. Lips easily get chapped and dry during winters. If you add lipstick directly to the dry lips, it will be visible to all. Thus, add a coat of lip balm to get a plump-looking lip. Make sure to keep this in mind whenever getting ready for a wedding or other occasions during the winter.

Avoid missing out on SPF

Do you know Ultraviolet rays are weakest during the winter season? Thus, chances of getting tanned skin are low. But, you may face other issues like wrinkles, dryness, or premature aging. To overcome this, most beauticians suggest adding SPF-rich sunscreen to the kit. It is suitable for all people and parabens-free. The product is great for your skin, especially to make you glow on and after the wedding. Make sure to consult your chosen bridal makeup artists in Penrith before adding any new product to the kit before the wedding.

Try Putting on cream-based makeup

It is much easier to apply and do makeup with cream-based products like highlighters, foundation, blusher, and more in the cold climate. Having cream-based makeup keeps your skin moist and works great with additional powders. Thus, if your wedding is during winter, we recommend switching to cream-based makeup for the day.

Waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup is also great. It is suitable for all seasons, including sweaty summer, cold harsh winds, or smoky weather. Brides often get emotional, which can ruin their look if it is not waterproof. It is best to listen and discuss your ideas with the beautician to avoid running mascara and smudged blush look on your face. However, most beauticians know what is best for your skin and do it themselves. Yet, it is best to confront and learn more about the makeup type before application.

Follow some of the above-listed tips to avoid flaky skin and patches on the wedding day. Hire one of the popular bridal makeup artists in Penrith for your special day to make you look fabulous. They know better about the products and what will look perfect for the special day. Hire one and play safe during cold weather.

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