How to Backup Outlook 365 Emails? Query Answered Here

Summary: For learning how to backup Outlook 365 emails, stick till the end of this blog. It consists of two methods that can be applied for the transfer of messages to the local storage. Find out different types of situations users may find themselves in. Let’s get started!

A large vertical around the globe uses Microsoft 365 as their webmail service for communication purposes and exchanging emails. Since Office 365 is the most popularly known and highly preferred email service, it is trusted by a majority of users.

But, if it is such a trusted web-mail, then what is the need to backup Office 365 email on Desktop? The need arises because the data is not entirely safe on the cloud.


As we know that cloud is accessible to everybody which can lead to a lot of anonymous hackers or other users try to get a hold of your data.

Microsoft does provide security measures but it works on a Shared Responsibility model which clearly states that the data will be kept safe from all internal threats.

But, you have to keep a backup too for avoiding external threats as Microsoft won’t protect the data from these risks.

About the techniques.

How to Backup Outlook 365 Emails? Techniques Explained in Detail

You can learn the effortless solution which the backup experts also recommend using. This solution will easily export all the data from your mailbox in bulk and offer various filters for selective export.

Apart from that, there is a manual technique that you can apply through Outlook’s Import/Export feature.

Remember that the manual method has a few drawbacks that are not suitable for the users. We will be going through the steps as well as the limitations of the manual way.

Starting with the professional one.

Method 1 – Backup Office 365 Email on Desktop Professionally

Here, you need to download the Best Tool for Microsoft Office 365 Backup and find out how the tool works in the upcoming section.

The software will make sure that the data you download using the tool is entirely safe and keeps the folder structure the same. You can export your data in PST file formats without any hassle.

Follow the steps listed below:

Step 1. Install the software and launch it. Choose Office 365 as the source and Outlook as the destination.


Step 2.  Choose the required mailbox items such as email contacts, calendars, tasks, and documents. Select the dates in the Date-Filter for a specific time period for selective data backup.


Step 3. Use your Office 365 admin account credentials to log in to the portal.


Step 4. Now, define the destination path and location in order to save the resultant PST file.


Step 5. Hit the Start Backup option to complete the backup procedure.


Explaining the Features of the Software for Backup

The tool to backup Office 365 emails on desktop provides the following functions:

  • The software allows you to export data selectively by applying the Include Folder feature
  • Option to transfer emails from a specific time period via Date-filter feature
  • Incremental Backup option to backup newly arrived emails after the first process
  • Exclude Sent/Deleted Items option to avoid saving messages from these folders
  • Allows you to pause and resume the backup procedure without losing data

Method 2 – How to Backup Outlook 365 Emails Manually?

For the manual method, start by configuring your Office 365 account with Microsoft Outlook desktop and wait for the data to synchronize first.

It might take a while for the syncing to complete. Once all the data is visible on Outlook, you can follow the given steps:

  1. Open MS Outlook and go to the File
  2. Click on the Open & Export button from the extended list and choose the Import/Export
  3. From the Import/Export Wizard, choose the Import from another program or file option and hit the Next
  4. To backup Office 365 emails on Desktop, select the Outlook data file (.pst) option and click on Next.
  5. Navigate to the location where the files are saved and choose one of the given options to deal with the duplicates.
  6. Press Finish to end the operation.


  • Complications involved can lead to errors and data loss situations.
  • The data can take from hours to days to import depending upon the size of the files.
  • Not a recommendation since large sized files can lead to corruption in the data.
  • A lengthy process as you can backup one mailbox at a time.

Concluding Words

It is not as hard to learn how to backup Outlook 365 emails as it appears to be. With the right methods in your hand, you can easily transfer the data that you want without losing even a bit of it.

No corruption issues or errors are encountered during the backup operation if the software is used. For the manual method, you may want to consider all the disadvantages that make it a less useful technique.

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