How to buy the perfect jeans according to your body?

How to buy the perfect jeans according to your body:- Buying the Perfect Jeans! It certainly sounds easy. But if you have gone shopping for jeans then you must have known how difficult it is to choose a pair of jeans.

It’s easy to get confused when you are faced with options and aspects like these:

  • Color
  • Fit
  • Style
  • Budget
  • Occasion

Should he choose dark blue or light blue? Would a slim fit look better or a regular fit? Ripped jeans or formal jeans?

Questions like these can turn something as simple as shopping into a nightmare. If you are thinking that just spending money, choosing your favorite color, brand, etc. can lead to the perfect look, then throw this notion out of your heart.

Well, whatever the problem. But now it won’t happen. Because in no time you will know how to choose your perfect jeans like a style expert. We will not only solve your jeans buying problem but also tell you how you can buy jeans according to your body.

How to buy the perfect jeans according to your body?

Whether you are fat or thin, black or white, it doesn’t matter. Look good, I’ll make it easy for you. Almost always remember to take attention to these few things:-

1. First understand the types of jeans fit

Jeans come in five fittings-

Skinny Fit

It fits perfectly on the feet. It sticks to your body just like the skin. Along with this, it keeps lifting from the bottom. The zips of such jeans are also slightly smaller than normal.

Slim Fit

Such jeans are neither too tight nor too loose. That’s why it feels a little comfortable after wearing it. Its lower part is also narrow like skinny jeans. It is worn by folding it from the bottom. This gives a very nice look.

Regular Fit

These types of jeans are straight from hip to that. Along with this, from the knees to the top of the ankles, they are straight. These are also not very tight and loose but the bottom part is more open than skinny and slim jeans.

Relaxed Fit

It is a little loose from below the waist. These jeans are very comfortable. The biggest reason for this is that it does not cling to your body part. But it does seem to fit a bit.

Loose Fit

Such jeans leave the body completely open. Only the waist part remains tight, the rest of the jeans do not touch the body. These jeans are very comfortable.

2. Understand the Rise of Jeans

Rise is also very important for jeans. With this, you have to decide how high, low or how you want to wear jeans from the waist. It also has four types –

High Rise

Such jeans are suitable for tall people. But you can’t wear the shirt in. It is worn over the belly button.

Mid Rise

It is perfect for people who wear formal dress. Shirts can be worn in such jeans.

Low Rise

It is worn below the belly button. It is comfortable.

Low Crotch

It is worn very low. This is especially for stylish people.

3. Choose such jeans according to the body

Thin Build

Thin people think that jeans will not be the perfect match for them. That is why they do not buy jeans even if they want to, while some people do not look satisfied after buying. They should buy slim and regular type jeans.

Athletic Build

If you have this type of body then there are three types of jeans for you. Slim, relaxed, and regular types look perfect on such a body.

Muscular Build

Now if you are fit and thinking that any jeans will work on you but it is not so. For such a body, you should take relaxed and regular type jeans.

Wide Build

If your waist is thick. In such a situation, you should buy loose, relaxed and regular type jeans. It will come perfectly according to your body.

Large Waist

If your waist is wider than the normal size, then you should buy relaxed and loose jeans.

4. Now it’s time to understand the color and the occasion

Now the right choice of the color of jeans depends on the color of your shirt/t-shirt. Along with this, it also matters which color you like or which color jeans are not in your dressing room. If you have any denim color, then in future also it will be easy for you to choose jeans according to the color of shirt / T-shirt.

If there is an official meeting or an occasion, then the look of formal jeans remains correct. For semi-formal and casual occasions. You can look more stylish by wearing ripped jeans.

Hopefully, by following these jeans buying tips, you will be able to update your wardrobe according to the latest fashion and needs.


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