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How to Create a Good Content Marketing Strategy for Business

A content marketing plan can produce incredible results for businesses. A good content marketing plan can generate up to three times as compared to traditional marketing.

We are currently facing an economic downturn that will make it more difficult than ever for businesses to use content marketing to increase their ROI. How can you manage content marketing campaigns to improve your business’s competitiveness?

First, create a content plan. A content marketing plan is essential for success. This post will discuss seven steps for creating an effective content plan.


Conduct a content audit

An audit is necessary before you can create a content plan. This will allow you to assess your current performance, and identify what works. This information will help you plan your content marketing strategy. Also, do you know what makes stealth marketing different from traditional marketing?

You will be able to improve your content planning by learning more about your current performance and its causes. These are the details to be considered when performing an audit.

  • High-performance content
  • Underperforming content
  • Frequency of content posting
  • Keyword ranking


Set your content marketing goals

It doesn’t matter how well-crafted your content plan may be, it is unlikely that you will get a return on investment (ROI) if there is no clear goal. If you don’t have a clear goal, your marketing efforts will lose focus and it will be harder to gauge your success or failure. Companies use content marketing in most cases to achieve these goals.

  • Brand awareness
  • Acquisition of lead
  • lead nurturing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • You go out

No matter what your goal is, make sure you achieve it. Effective goals can be set using the SMART method (Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant, Timed).

Your goals will depend on which stage of your sales funnel you are creating content. Your goals will determine what content you create and how it is promoted, as well as other activities.


Research your audience before you create a content plan

Knowing who your target audience is is another important aspect of a content strategy. Who is your content intended to reach? Which type of content do you prefer? Are they looking for a formal or informal style of writing? What kind of content should they expect? Which channels should you use?

This information can be captured by doing thorough research on your audience. You can conduct research by creating a profile of the people you want to convert.


Decide the content you want to publish

Although initially content creation was associated with writing content, over time, more content formats have become popular. Another point is the popularity of visual content. Many marketers have found success with illustrations in addition to text.

Other formats, in addition to written content:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • podcast
  • Webinar
  • Präsentations

Your audience will determine the type of content that you choose. It is best to use the content formats that are most useful for your audience.

Use a mix of different formats in your content plan depending on which channels you use and the preferences of your target audience. You can also experiment with different content types to see how they affect your overall results.


Make a calendar with your content plan

Consistency is key to your success when creating content that engages your audience. Content marketing is not easy. You need to deliver amazing content every day to see results.

A calendar will allow you to create a content plan at the frequency that you choose. It also gives you a visual overview of your content marketing activities.

An editorial calendar makes it easier for your team to track each piece of content’s progress, which will make the process more efficient. You should include the following details in your content marketing calendar:

  • Content team members
  • Sales funnel stage
  • Format of content
  • Deadline for the first draft
  • publication date
  • Promotion channels

To create a content calendar, use Google Sheets or create one from scratch.


Plan your promotional content

Your promotion is an important part of content marketing. Content creation is just one aspect. Experts believe that promotion should be equally time-consuming as the creation stage.

Create a promotion plan after you have created the content plan. There are many ways to promote your content, but you must choose the most effective ones to reach your target audience. These platforms are great for promoting your content:

  • Guest posts: These can be posted on larger websites within your industry to increase your visibility.
  • Social Media: Share your content via the social media channels that your audience uses. It is much easier to reach them this way.
  • Search Engines: Optimize and create content to match the keywords that your customers are looking for.
  • Emails: Let your subscribers know about new content on your site by sending them emails.
  • Advertising: Use Google Ads to promote your most important content on social media or Google. You can direct searchers to the landing pages where you offer a compelling offer.
  • Forums: Answer questions related to forum topics and link to your blog posts to provide a detailed response.

Include the frequency of promotion on each platform in your content plan. When promoting content on each platform, it is important to consider the best practices.


Success in content marketing and ROI measurement

You can get content marketing results by running a campaign and then tracking performance after you have taken action. You will need different metrics to track each campaign’s performance.

Changes in the goals of campaigns can also affect the metrics used to measure their success. The data you analyze will depend on your goals.

This allows you to quickly identify if something isn’t working and optimize it to improve your results and eventually achieve your goals.



A content plan will greatly increase your chances of reaching your goals quickly. It is important to understand your performance, understand your audience and use a content calendar to promote content and track your performance.

You will attract more customers and leads through content marketing if you follow all the steps. And if you want to learn more about marketing contact Digital Specialist for more practical help.

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