How to Create Quality Instagram Content to Engage Followers

When you use Instagram to increase your reach it is essential to create an audience that’s engaged and committed towards your company’s brand. How can you make sure that your Real followers are engaged with your content and, consequently will help you grow as a company on Instagram? Three words: high-quality Instagram content.

If you’re not in the mood or resources to shoot your own pictures for Instagram do not fret! There are many ways to create a captivating feed that has a stylish design, even when you’re selling something that’s like such as Tupperware or promoting a completely digital product that is difficult to imagine.


This article will explain how you can find images to use on your Instagram account and where to find images, and what you need to think about when making use of images to promote your business. There are also some useful design tips that will ensure every image in your feed are of the highest quality to wow your followers and make it nearly impossible to put down their phones.

Are you curious about what these suggestions are? Keep reading


1. Research templates that are ready-to-use


There are a lot of tools available to assist you in creating stunning Instagram posts even without being an expert Photoshop user. Tools for designing online such as Spark Post from Adobe, Canva, and Venn gage can be extremely useful when it comes to creating appealing images that are suitable for posting on social platforms.

Perhaps you’d like to design posts to advertise a deal? Maybe you’re looking for an outline that will announce the new opening hours for your company? Perhaps you’d like to share a recipe you’ve published via your website?

Whatever message you’d like to communicate or convey, you can do it by using templates! Check out this sample from Venn gage, a fantastic design template that is ideal for food writers and restaurants:

It is possible to choose plain or patterned backgrounds to create a minimalist look or use images of products in case you’re trying to boost sales. Possessing a collection of high-resolution photos of your items could help you out of a bind in the event that you are short of material for Instagram. A simple, sleek image of your product can do great for your engagement, especially when you have a large group of followers.

2. Find high-quality stock photos

Stock images have received some bad images in recent times however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make use of images!

However, they can be a great way to create a diverse feed by combining them with a variety of different images, like templates. But not every stock image has the qualities needed to earn a top place in your feed. Some may be quite bad! For high-quality images that don’t appear “stocky”, head to Unsplash or They have a wide selection of photos for free and you’ll be able to find something that fits your subject. If you’ve got a bit of cash to spare it, then consider Stocksy. Like you would expect from an online service that is paid for the quality of pictures is better, and the selection is greater.



Be sure to buy the right size image (there are many priced differently) Be aware that the dimensions that are recommended for Instagram posts are 1080p by 1080p.


3. Mix it up with various formats

It’s crucial to remember the many formats of content accessible to users on Instagram users. Consider using the carousel format that lets you share up to 10 images at once, creating an album-like feel. A 60-second video could also be a fantastic opportunity to show your products in action, for instance, or a brief demonstration or tutorial. Be mindful not to go over as pushy with your posts about products, however. You’ll need to change your themes of content to ensure that you’re keeping things balanced and to encourage interaction from your fans! For more information and guidance, you can visit InstaBoost.

In the end, you’ll be able to make an effort to move forward and work making GIFs.

4. Repost content on Instagram from niche brands

Are you too busy to write original Instagram content? But the great news is that there’s no need!

It could be that other Instagram accounts are already doing an excellent job of creating material that your followers are keen on. There’s nothing wrong with republishing Instagram content from other brands similar to yours or any other account that’s relevant to your target audience as well as the Instagram strategy, so provided you get permission and provide proper credit.

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