How to Delete Useless Emails from Gmail? Crucial Information


Query: Is there any quick solution to learn how to delete useless emails from Gmail? I have been looking for solutions for quite some time now but I don’t know which one I should apply. I have really important messages in my mailbox which I cannot lose at any cost. If somebody knows how to remove these messages without causing harm to the important ones, please suggest.

This query and similar ones were received on our forum site. We are here to resolve the same and help users to save their important data files.

But before that, let’s understand why users want to delete unwanted Gmail emails.

The major reason for deleting emails is to save the free storage provided by Google. Since the storage space is not enough for certain users, they start deleting their not so important emails.

However, there might be a few crucial emails included in this lot which are also deleted amongst the other ones.

This is not what you want, right?

Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution to overcome this issue as well.

First, we will take a look at the available techniques.

How to Delete Useless Emails from Gmail Using the Built-in Techniques?

When you decide you want to remove the data from your mailbox to get more storage space, you look for free solutions.

There are certain solutions that you can apply but every technique requires you to first take a backup of your data.

Users ask: Is it possible to backup & delete the data simultaneously?

Yes, it is. You can use the expert solution for downloading and deleting the data files in bulk in a single process.

We will also explain the manual method after the expert technique.

Delete Unwanted Gmail Emails With the Help of Professional’s Choice

The professional solution that we are going to explain is the SysTools Gmail Email Backup Software by Experts.

Using the software is a suggestion by top-most experts of the IT industry as it is capable of downloading the data in bulk.

Not just that, it allows the user to first make a copy of the files and then, delete them from the mailbox automatically. How? By applying the Delete after Download feature embedded in the tool.

Now, to the steps.

Performing Backup & Deletion Procedures Via the Software

Follow these steps to learn how to delete useless emails from Gmail:

1. After launching the tool, enter the details from Gmail account and Login.


2. Go to the Select Email Format section and choose the desired export type. Browse for the end location to save the files at.


3. Then, apply the Delete after Download feature and press Yes for confirmation. Doing so will delete the data automatically after backup.


4. Click on the Apply Filter tab and make sure to set the Date-filter & Email-filter for selective data transfer.


5. To delete unwanted Gmail emails, tap on the Start button to complete the task.


When the procedure is finished, users can easily access their data files in the supporting email client.

Moreover, if you ever think of using the software again for deleting the data, don’t worry about the duplicate items.

Use the Incremental Backup feature to only export the data that has been received after the first process. Doing so eliminates duplicity and users can easily download all their data without any trouble.

Towards the manual method.

Manual Method Application for How to Delete Useless Emails from Gmail

Here, we will be explaining how you can remove all the unread messages. Usually, people don’t read messages that are of no use to them.

These unread messages keep on adding and take a lot of storage on the server. Thus, users prefer deleting them by following these steps:

1. Login to your Gmail account and move to the Inbox.


2. Here, you have to go to the Search tab and enter “is:unread” as a command.


3. When all the unread messages are displayed, you can click on the Select All checkbox to delete unwanted Gmail emails.

4. All the emails appearing on the page will be marked. If you want to remove all the unread messages, click on the Select All Conversations option.


5. This will mark all the unread messages from the mailbox. Click on Trash or Delete to remove the data from Inbox.

Now, the files are moved to the Trash or Bin folder. Let’s delete them from there as well.

1. Go to the Trash or Bin folder.

2. Mark the Select All checkbox and hit the Delete Forever option.

3. You can also choose the Empty Bin Now option to learn how to delete useless emails from Gmail.


4. Press the OK button when prompted for confirmation.


All of the data that was in the Trash is now permanently gone. There is no possible way to get it back after that.

But wait, what if you wanted to keep certain messages? You didn’t take a backup, did you?

Don’t want to use the tool? The Google Takeout method for taking a backup is too long and complicated. It will take a lot of your time without providing promising results.

It is your wish if you want to use the manual technique for backup as well.

Ending With a Note

Learning how to delete useless emails from Gmail is a basic but important operation. You should know how you can get more free space by deleting emails. However, you should also beware of the risks that come along.

Of course you don’t want to lose your important files. This is why it is a recommendation to make copies of your files before deleting them. The manual technique for that is a mess. Thus, the tool is explained to download & delete the emails in a single go in this article.

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