How to Disable McAfee Antivirus in Easy Steps

Steps to Disable McAfee Antivirus

Computer Devices are developing more and more due to the technological advancement that has happened in the past two decades. These have made the device more user-friendly. It is very easy to use a computer if you simply know or learn some basics. Many users contribute to the development of this technology.

This has made a large number of people depend upon it for their daily works too. Many applications have been established to enhance this user experience. This dependence has made add up the impact of cyber-crimes, which has raised the demand for antivirus. But still, due to some issue, people want to disable Mcafee Antivirus

Disable Mcafee Antivirus

The Antivirus uses some power from the computer. It also has control over surfing the internet and the files entering the device. Thus, for the purpose of protecting the device, it stops some applications from functioning, installing and also stops you from entering some websites. To stop this, you might have to disable McAfee Antivirus, do the work and then enable it again.

The term “virus” is perhaps the most commonly used in discussions about cyber security. These are some of the first dangers to the device’s security, and if not addressed, they have the potential to harm a large number of devices over the course of their existence.

How to Disable McAfee Antivirus

This includes disabling the scanning process on the antivirus and firewall protection. This leaves your computer free from the control of the antivirus. Any application can work freely in such an atmosphere. You can work on the websites you want. Also, the speed of the computer increases which has been decreased by the functioning of the antivirus to disable McAfee Antivirus.

How to disable McAfee Antivirus

For Windows

The disabling process is very simple or windows. Windows has its own antivirus software, but it doesn’t interfere when you have active antivirus software. Thus, you will only have to stop the antivirus from doing its work by disable McAfee antivirus.

  • Select the Start Icon
  • Select the following
  • McAfee
  • McAfee LiveSafe
  • PC Security
  • Real-Time Scanning
  • Turn Off
  • This will open up a window where you can select the time limit for keeping the application disabled. Select the one you want or select ‘Never’ to manually enable it again
  • Finally, select ‘Turn Off’
  • Go back to “PC Security’
  • Select ‘Firewall’
  • Select ‘Turn off’
  • This will again open up a window where you choose the time limit. Do the same as you did above.
  • Select ‘Turn Off’

To enable it back, you must open the application. Over the home screen, you will find the way to enable it as the application will provide an alert about the scanners being closed. If there is no such option, follow the same path as above and enable it.

For Mac

  • On the Home Screen of your device, select ‘Finder’ Icon
  • Choose your device name
  • In here, select the following
  • Applications
  • McAfee
  • ‘Settings’ icon
  • Real-Time Scanning
  • Disable the scanning process by selecting the blue color option, besides the title.
  • Go to the Home page of the application
  • Again, select ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Firewall’
  • Disable it the way you disable the real-time scanning by selecting the blue color option

To enable it back, you will have to follow the above steps. The blue icon when you disabled had turned gray. Select it again. It will turn blue, which means that the feature is enabled.

For Android and IOS

This feature on disabling is not available for ‘Android’ as well as ‘IOS’. For this, you will have to uninstall the application and reinstall it. The Uninstalling process is similar to uninstalling any other application. For Android, you can do so by long-pressing the application and selecting the ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Delete’ option.

For IOS, do so by long-pressing the app and selecting the cross icon. You can reinstall them easily by searching for the app on PlayStore/AppStore and then selecting ‘Install’.

Disable McAfee Antivirus makes your device vulnerable, and thus any cyber threat can attack your device. So, make sure, you are not opening any suspicious website or installing such an application.

Always download only the applications you trust in, that too from the official website. Taking these precautions after the application is disabled will protect your device. And even if the app is enabled, never click on anything that is suspicious, ever to check it. One click can provide cybercriminals permission to misuse your device by breaking all the security.

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