How To Do Beard Transplant in Beverly Hills?

Beard Transplant in Beverly Hills
Facial hair loss may occur due to different factors. So, you need to visit a dermatologist or a hair specialist to find out what is causing your beard or hair to fall out. The doctor will check and analyze your skin to diagnose what is causing your hair loss. 
Nowadays, most men like to keep their beards full. While some need to stay away from the razor to have a full beard, others can grow a single strand of beard even if their lives depend on it. Among the factors that may lead to facial hair loss include laser hair removal, burns, trauma, genetics, and electrolysis
Beard transplants in Beverly Hills can benefit many people, including female to male transgender patients. Scalp and facial hair restoration surgeons at BHHR have the expertise. And years of experience performing minor fillings, complete facial hair restoration, or thin coverage of a limited area. You can undergo a beard transplant in Hills to grow a thick beard again. The hair restoration goals at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic will determine the technique the doctor will use during the facial hair transplant procedure if you don’t grow facial hair or have patches in your beard area. 
Beverly Hills facial hair restoration techniques produce a natural appearance. That is unmatched compared to other facial hair restoration facilities. We use cutting-edge facial hair restoration techniques to restore beards, sideburns, and mustaches. To make it even more interesting, hair restoration surgeons at the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic can customize the results to look as the patient desires.
By restoring patients’ facial hair, we also help them to regain their confidence. Dr. John Kahen is well-vast with all facial hair transplant techniques that guarantee patients the best results. His years of experience and artistry make him the best hair restoration surgeon in Los Angeles

Which are the Target Areas of a Facial Hair Transplant? 

You can count on beard transplants in Beverly Hills to rectify various conditions that cause facial hair loss. Some of these conditions include the bald patch in the beard, alopecia, and eyebrow loss. 

What Is Facial Hair Restoration?

Among the many common facial hair conditions is a patchy beard. A simple procedure can achieve the best results with a facial hair transplant. If your beard is not distributed evenly, a beard transplant surgery can correct that quickly. The latest beard transplant in Beverly Hills has made it easier for doctors to produce a more natural look using a few simple steps. Doctors at the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic have received extensive training to treat patchy beard growth on a limited portion of the face. We can also reconstruct that entire beard. 

How is a Beard Transplant Performed?

Beard transplant in Beverly Hills happens when the surgeon removes graft hair from areas of the scalp that grow healthy hair. The beard area undergoing facial hair loss is then implanted with healthy and robust hair follicles. Other places outside the scalp can be used as a donor area for hair. These areas include the public and the chest areas. When performing the facial hair transplant, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic surgeons prioritize the patient’s needs. Patients who live in Beverly Hills can access world-class beard transplant procedures at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic. 

How Does Facial Hair Transplant Work?

Understanding how the beard transplant procedure works are necessary before opting for it. It would help if you also discussed the cost of having a facial hair transplant procedure with your provider before going for it. The beard transplant method entails removing hair follicles from one place of the body and transplanting them to the face regions where the beard should be growing but isn’t. Once a male person reaches puberty, facial hair, including beards, will start growing. Facial hair will continue to spread and grow thicker as the person becomes an adult. 

If you are an adult unable to grow a beard, your hair follicles are either inactive or weak. In that case, the surgeon must harvest healthy hair follicles from the donor area and transfer them to the beard areas around the face. Once healthy hair follicles are transmitted in the beard area, they start producing hair naturally. 

A Beard transplant in Beverly Hills is pretty simple since it is influenced by beard growth. As we mentioned, the surgeon will extract healthy hair from the donor region (any area of the body that has healthy hair) and implant it in the beard area on any face site that requires facial hair. Healthy hair, usually resistant to hair loss, comes mainly at the back of the head. The good thing about having a beard transplant is that it lasts a lifetime. 


The best option to restore your lost beard or facial hair is to undergo a beard transplant in Beverly Hills. It does not only offer a customizable look, but it also offers a permanent look. To get the best results out of a facial hair restoration procedure, you need to seek help from a dermatologist or a hair specialist. They will conduct tests to establish the cause of your hair loss and recommend the proper treatment.

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