How to do Division in 6 simple Steps?

Primary students must be well aware of the basic operation of math including addition, subtraction and multiplication, the division however is a tricky one. Most of the students didn’t find it that comprehendible and looked for an easy way to perform division.

The process of division seems complex to them because of the uneven divisions they sometimes have to deal with and of course the remainders. The division, however, is not that much complicated as students take it. So let’s try to understand what is division and how to perform it in simple steps.


To make division easy for them, in the article below are mentioned 6 simple steps on how to do division.


  • Division

The division is the mathematical operation in which you divide a number into equal numbers. This operation is just the opposite of the multiplication process, thus you have to perform the opposite operation with division.

For instance, if 4 * 5 = 20, as the opposite procedure if you divide 20, then the result will be 4 and 5 if you divide it by 5 and 4 respectively. When you are performing division sometimes, the number is divided cannot be divided equally and something remains undivided completely termed as remainder. 


  • Remainder

As mentioned in the above example i.e. 20/5, 20/4, the division is an even and straightforward procedure as nothing is left behind. The quotient four (4) is received while dividing 20 by 5 and the quotient is 5 when divided by 4.

But what if you divide seven by three? Three go into seven, two times, but then that nasty one (1) is left over. The one that is left behind is known as the remainder. If you divide the whole numbers and don’t use decimal values in quotients, you will obtain remainders left behind. You can also use the calculator with remainder to calculate the remainder easily.


  • How to Perform Division in 6 Simple Steps?

  • Understand the Components

It is crucial to know what are the components in the division before going to do your divisions. The Process of division comprises 4 components, you have already learnt above what the remainder is. The rest of them include the dividend, the divisor and the quotient.

  • Dividend

The number that we are going to divide by another number is known as the dividend. It is written inside the division symbol.

  • Divisor

The number by which the dividend is divided is known as the divisor. The divisor is written outside the division symbol.

  • Quotient

The number that we receive as an answer and written at the top of the division symbol is the quotient in the division. 

  • Straight Formula DMSB

The simplest and easy way to facilitate students for performing division is made out by following this simple acronym DSMB. It stands for divide (D), multiply, (M), Subtract, (S) and bring down (B). By remembering this schedule and following it the process of division becomes a piece of cake for kids.

  • Division 

After writing the divisor and dividend in their places, begin dividing. The first step is to divide the first number into dividends. For instance, if the dividend is 58, and the divisor is 3 first of all 5 is divided by 3. 5 is not equally divided by 3 thus we write 1 as quotient.  

  • Multiplication

The next step is multiplication, of course, multiplication is done during division. Take a step back and multiply the divisor and quotient, as per our example 3*1 we get 3 and write it below the 5. 

  • Subtraction

After writing 3 below the 5 you have to perform the subtraction process. For this subtract the number 3 by the number 5. You will get 2 as the answer, write two below the 3 after putting a line in between.

  • Bring Down

As the last step in the division, you have to bring down the other number of the dividend next to the number that we receive after subtraction. Now the 8 will be taken down and placed next to number 2. Now you have to divide 28 by 3, repeating the above-mentioned steps the 28 will be divided. However, it will not be completely divided and we will obtain number 1 as the remainder. Sometimes you face problems in points so I will advise you to use a sig fig equation calculator to solve the problem.

So these are 6 important and simple steps through which students have learned that how to perform division. Learn many more education articles for better and accurate learning on Articlegood

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