How to Export Contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird?

Summary: In this blog, we will go over some of the easiest methods to export contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird. This article will explain you the best solutions through which you will be able to solve your query.

Let’s look at the user query to have a better understanding of the problem. Why would a user need to Import PST Contacts to Thunderbird?


The most popular email clients are Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. In their own way, both services are fantastic. Because Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email service, an increasing number of individuals desire to import Outlook contacts to Thunderbird. In some cases, they are left with only Thunderbird as a choice.

Outlook was released by Microsoft in a variety of versions, including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and others. As a result, the procedure for importing Microsoft Outlook contacts into Mozilla Thunderbird varies depending on the version.

However, if you’re utilizing an automated service to transfer your Outlook contact book into Thunderbird,

Why users want to Export Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird?

“Hello, I was using Outlook on my Windows PC when I received this message. My daughter removed data from her Windows 10 hard drive last week. Although I was able to retrieve my PST data, I was unable to reinstall Microsoft Outlook. Now I’ve made the decision to switch to Thunderbird. However, I’m not sure how to transfer contacts from Microsoft Outlook 2013 to Thunderbird. Is there a way to transfer contacts from Outlook 2013 to Thunderbird? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.”

The need to move contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird should be obvious from the aforementioned scenario. The other reasons for importing Outlook address book into Thunderbird mail client will be discussed in the following section.

Reasons to Transfer Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird

Most people prefer Mozilla Thunderbird because of its user-friendly interface, which gives them a better email experience than any other email client. Another important factor is that it is an open-source service with easily accessible and configurable source code. MS Outlook, on the other hand, is a premium service. We all know that startup culture is on the rise, and most of them prefer Thunderbird because it is free. Moving on, we’ll go over how to transfer your address book from Outlook to Thunderbird in the next section.

Methods to Export Contacts from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird

There are two methods for transferring an Outlook address book to Mozilla Thunderbird.

1. Transfer Outlook Address Book to Thunderbird in a Secure Way (Recommended)
2. Manually import Outlook Address Book into Thunderbird (Not Secure)

Method 1. How to Export Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird?

Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a permanent solution for above query . Try an automatic solution PST Converter Tool. This tool will import Outlook Contacts from 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 into Thunderbird without any hassle.

Importing Outlook Contacts into Thunderbird: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Install the vCard Export Tool and run it.
  2. Outlook PST Files can be browsed or auto-detected.
  3. View All Contacts in Outlook
  4. Save Contacts in CSV by clicking Export and Save Contacts in CSV.
  5. Export CSV File into Thunderbird.

How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird? – Manual Solution

There are two aspects to the traditional procedure. You must first convert Outlook PST contacts to a CSV file. Second, open Thunderbird and import the CSV file. We’ll go through both components in depth in this section.

Step 1: – Export Outlook Contacts to CSV File

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook program. From the menu panel, select “File”.
  2. The file or folder list will appear when you navigate to it. Select “Advanced” from the drop-down menu.
  3. The Import / Export option will appear. Click “Next” after selecting “Export to a file” from the dialog.
  4. There will be a new window open. Select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” from the drop-down menu and click “Export”.
  5. There will be a new window open. Now navigate to the file where you want to save the exported CSV contacts and double-click it.
  6. To import Microsoft Outlook contacts to Thunderbird, click the “Next” button in the “Export to a file” window and then the “Finish” button.

Step 2: – Open Mozilla Thunderbird and import the CSV file.

  1. Thunderbird should now be open. From the right navigation panel, select “Tools.” From the drop-down option, choose “Import.”
  2. Select the radio button next to “Address Book” from the drop-down menu. “Next” is the option to select.
  3. Now, From the list of options, select “Text file (LDIF,.tab,.csv,.txt).” “Next” should be selected.
  4. Double-click the CSV file in the directory where you saved your exported Outlook contacts.
  5. Select the checkbox next to “The first record contains field” from the drop-down menu.
  6. To match the Outlook contact fields to those in Thunderbird, use the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons.
  7. Finally, click “OK” and then “Finish” to complete the process.

It’s time to wrap things up

We covered both manual and automatic techniques for importing Microsoft Outlook contacts into Thunderbird in the last blog. It is entirely up to the users to choose which strategy to apply, but an automated solution is highly recommended because it is more dependable, quick, and efficient. It also allows users to export their Outlook 2007 address book to Mozilla Thunderbird in only a few clicks.

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