How to Export Mac Mail Address Book Contacts to CSV File?


Today, we’ll address a frequent question shared by all Mac users: how can I export contacts from Apple Mail to CSV? How Do I Export Contacts from Mac Mail to Excel? As a result, in this post, we will discuss how to convert or export Apple Mail contacts to CSV.

On a Mac, the Contacts or Address Book system exports records using the VCF (vCard) extension. CSV, on the other hand, is a universal format that works with a wide range of email clients, and having a list of Apple Contacts in CSV format makes it easy to import into other email clients or show in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software.

downloadWhy should you export contacts to CSV?

Although vCard is a file format standard for storing contact information, it is far less frequently accepted than CSV. Because a huge number of programmes accept the CSV version, CSV as a generic and reasonably easy file format is extensively used in business and science. It has long been a popular text file format. CSV files are compatible with a wide range of services and applications, including Microsoft Excel, NeoOffice, LibreOffice, and Intuit Quicken. CSV is the format you require if you wish to use your Mac contacts in such an app or service. You can also bulk edit your contacts in Excel, which is quite convenient.

There are many methods for converting your VCF contacts to CSV format. However, I am going to mention easy and straightforward options for you to consider.

Option 1, utilise a specific programme that exports a CSV file from the start, or export the contacts into VCF format first and then convert the VCF file to CSV.

Professional Tool to Export Mac Mail Address Book Contacts to CSV File

The WholeClear VCF to CSV Converter is the one of the best solution to export VCF contacts into CSV file format. By using this application users can easily convert Mac Mail Address Book Contacts to CSV file formats. It’s has number of advanced features that makes it’s unique from others third party tool.

Key Features of the Software

  • Quickly converting a VCF file to CSV format.
  • Offline VCF to CSV Conversion in 4 Easy Steps
  • Provide self-explanatory steps for convenience of usage.
  • The number of contacts that may be exported to CSV using VCF is unlimited.
  • Outlook, G Suite, Skype, iCloud, and other programmes may use vCard files.
  • Individual and many VCF files can be exported to CSV format.

Features of VCF to CSV Converter Tool

Batch conversion is an option
The tool allows users to convert several VCF files into CSV format in a single try. By following the software’s instructions, users may convert vCard contacts to CSV format in a couple of clicks. During the transition, users have no problems.

Show a preview of VCF contacts
The programme provides a comprehensive view of all imported VCF contacts, including their characteristics. Users can verify VCF files here before exporting contacts to CSV format, ignoring empty columns in VCF files. You may use this professional tool to convert VCF files to CSV

Contacts with attributes can be exported from VCF
VCF connections can never lose any of their properties. During the conversion process, the application safeguards all information associated with VCF files. The VCF file type will provide you with full contact information in CSV format. It converts data in a fully secure and error-free manner.

Conversion is simple and safe
This automated application converts vCard to CSV in about 4-5 simple steps, something that users cannot do manually. Furthermore, the application protects and authenticates users’ data during the conversion process.

VCF to CSV conversion Everyone is entitled to a free trial

We offer a free trial of VCF to CSV Converter Tool so that you can fully understand the product before purchasing it. It gives users an in-depth overview of the product. The free version, on the other hand, only allows you to convert the first 10 VCF files into CSV format.

Tool that is both suitable and self-contained
The application does not require any other software to run. It is simple and quick to download on any Windows version. Furthermore, this tool transforms VCF files from all programmes and devices to CSV format intelligently.

The processes for converting vCard contacts to CSV are as follows:

  • To get started, download and install the WholeClear VCF to CSV Converter Tool.
  • Click the Browse button to add VCF files.

  • Find a detailed preview.

browse location

  • Choose where you want to save the generated CSV file.

convert vcf to csv

  • To begin the converting process, select Convert Now.

Convert VCF to CSV manually online for free

  • On Mac, launch the Contacts app.
  • Select All on My Mac from the left sidebar (or a sub-group under it).
  • Select File > Export > Export vCard from the top menu bar.
  • Choose a location for the file you want to export. Save the file.
  • Open your web browser and navigate to the online utility vCard to LDIF/CSV Converter.
  • Click the Choose File button. Choose the vCard file that was exported. Click the Open button.
  • Select CSV from the Format selection list.
  • Choose Comma because commas are commonly used to divide CSV (comma-separated values) files.
  • Make sure the box before the Add header line is checked.
  • Select Convert. The CSV file will be immediately saved to your PC after the procedure is completed.

This procedure is a little more complicated than the first. The web tool employed in this case is simple to obtain and use. However, there are certain restrictions. Your Mac contacts must be uploaded to the tool’s server. There is also a file size limit. Furthermore, if the vCard file is huge, the conversion may take a long time.


If you’re seeking a simple solution to export Mac contacts to a CSV file, I hope this post is useful. You may export Apple contacts to CSV with VCF to CSV converter programme or by converting using professional tool. If you have a large number of contacts to export, organise, and maintain, you should invest in a strong contact manager like the one used in the first step.

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