How to Export NSF File from Lotus Notes to PST?

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Both the mail client applications, IBM Lotus Notes or MS Outlook, are widely utilized. The NSF file format stand for Notes Storage Facility that is the data repository of Lotus Notes. As well, MS Outlook used the file extension .pst stands for Personal Storage Table to store Outlook database. Due to some market trends and growing business needs, users of Lotus Notes search for a DIY solution to export NSF file from Lotus Notes to PST.

Well, in this technical post, users can get two different solutions for HCL Notes to Outlook conversion. Before proceeding to the process, let us have a look at the reasons which insist users execute the conversion of NSF files to PST format.

Reasons to Switch from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook

  • MS Outlook has lower maintenance costs than Lotus Notes NSF files.
  • Microsoft Outlook is cost-effective when compared to IBM Lotus Notes.
  • MS Outlook mail client application integrates better safety features & data management practices than IBM Lotus Notes.
  • Outlook enables users to configure various accounts at the same time.
  • Outlook email client provides offline accessibility of mailboxes while Lotus Notes doesn’t.
  • IBM Lotus Notes is less user-friendly than Microsoft Outlook.

Export NSF Files to Outlook PST Format with Manual Method

To export NSF files into Outlook PST, a user can follow these manual process and get their HCL Notes data in PST file format. The free manual method creates a risk of data loss, so before implementing the traditional process, you needs to take backup of the NSF files to keep their data safe for future use.

Round 1- Export NSF Database to CSV File

  • Open the “IBM Lotus Notes” app on your device and navigate the “File Tab”
  • Press the “Open” option under the “File Menu”
  • Now, expand the “Open” option and choose the “IBM Lotus Notes” program
  • Then, hit on the “Browse” tab to opt the “NSF File”
  • After that, pick the “NSF File” & click on the “Select”
  • Now, from the “Open Application Wizard”, tap the “Open”
  • Here again, tap the “File tab” and pick the “Export” option
  • In the last step, enter the “File Name” and change the “Saving Type as CSV”

In the above round, you’ve successfully exported the NSF data files to CSV (Comma Separated Value). Now, in the next round, you’ve to import that CSV file in MS Outlook to successfully convert Lotus Notes NSF data into PST format.

Round 2- Import CSV File in MS Outlook

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook email client on your machine
  • Go to the “File Tab” & pick the “Open & Export” option
  • Now, pick the “Import/Export” to import CSV file in Outlook
  • In the “Import/Export” wizard, select the option import from another or program and tap on the “Next”
  • Then, opt the “CSV” and press the “Next”
  • After that, hit on the “Browse” tab to choose the “CSV” and tap the “Ok”
  • In the next step, press on the “Next” for further proceedings
  • Pick the “Destination Location” for the “CSV File” & click on “Next”
  • At last, press the give “Checkbox” and click on the “Finish” button.

Using the above process, you can move your Comma Separated Value (CSV) files into Outlook PST file format. However, the procedure is not direct, but it can help you in the process to export IBM NSF files to PST format. Moreover, above methods have some drawbacks that we’ve mentioned below-

  • The manual solution is very long and consumes more effort & time of the users.
  • The above manual approach doesn’t export the NSF data to PST format directly.
  • It is a difficult method for non-technical users as users need technical knowledge to carry out the above procedure.
  • There might be possibilities of data loss.

To overcome these above restrictions users are searching for an automated and professional method to export NSF file from Lotus Notes to PST. Now, in the below-section, we’ve given the brilliant solution for NSF to PST conversion.

Suggested & Robust Software- NSF to PST Converter

CubexSoft NSF to PST Converter is the dynamic and cost-effective software that directly export NSF file from Lotus to PST file format including all attached items. User can simply convert their NSF files to Outlook email client platform without any data loss. The tool is also capable of moving the encrypted NSF files into PST easily. Moreover, it is capable of exporting multiple IBM Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook PST format at a time without installation of Lotus Notes or Outlook.

Remarkable Traits of Advanced Software

  • It easily export unlimited HCL Notes to Outlook in a single go without any loss.
  • The tool allows users to import their NSF files to multiple file format and email client apps.
  • Capable of removing the encryption of the NSF files before the conversion.
  • There is no need to have the Lotus Notes installed on the users’ machine to implement the migration as it only needs NSF files for the migration purpose.
  • The option for splitting your exported PST files into different sizes is also available.

In brief, this post summarizes the dual methods to export NSF files from Lotus Notes to PST. We’ve mentioned the multiple reasons that are responsible for the migration of HCL Notes to MS Outlook. The free manual method is described by using the Import/Export feature of Microsoft Outlook. But, this might be a confused process and also time-taking. So, to get over it, users can utilize the NSF Converter Tool for error-free and quick conversion of NSF files. In addition, you can evaluate the program working by downloading the NSF to PST Tool free demo edition available.

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