How to Fix Broken Lock By Yourself Or Call Locksmiths Dubai

How to Fix Broken Lock By Yourself Or Call Locksmiths Dubai

An emergency might seem to arise from a damaged key in a lock. You might believe that your only option is to hire locksmiths Dubai, which might run you well over 70 AED plus any replacement hardware you require. However, you should typically be able to fix the issue yourself, quickly, and affordably, using a few common products.

Why do keys rip through locks?

There are several potential causes for a key to breaking in a lock. First, the key may have lost some of its strength over time, making it more prone to break when twisted, especially if done with too much effort. Alternately, it does seem that the latch is broken or that debris has become stuck in its mechanism. We’ll look at a few of the typical problems that result in keys breaking locks as well as how to avoid them.

What material do keys have?

Keys are often constructed of soft brass, which is not as sturdy as we may think. Key cutting can continue to be inexpensive and much simpler to adjust. If the initial cut didn’t exactly fit the locking it was intended for since it is made of soft metal. Most crucially, since soft metals are used in their production, keys are considerably less prone to harm door locks when inserted.

What makes the key lose its strength?

Keys are delicate metals, thus even seemingly innocent activities outside of their intended function might cause damage. For instance, utilizing the key to open packages or paint tins is prone to carry down the teeth, and putting the key in the back pocket or hanging around loosely in your purse might put stress on the body and cause the key to bend. Your key is significantly more prone to break out or become caught within your lock if it is damaged.

To prevent keys from traveling and “bouncing around” too much, always use them for their intended purposes and try to keep them secured in tiny compartments inside your backpack. Avoid leaving them out in the sun if it’s hot, and try to avoid sitting on them by not placing them in the back pocket.

What weakens a door lock and why?

Poor installation, drastic temperature variations, a buildup of junk in the internal mechanisms, and/or harsh key handling are the usual causes of locks becoming weak. We advise lubricating locks at least every year to keep them operating smoothly. Contrary to what many people think, avoid using WD-40 for this. As a solvent and not a lubricant, WD-40 may dissolve any lubrication that is currently present in the locking cylinder. Use a lubricant made of Teflon, silicone, or graphite instead, such as Du Pont Multi-Use.

In order to avoid breaking the keys in the door or, worse still, having a break-in happen, we advise changing your lock as soon as you believe it isn’t functioning as it should.

Excessive Force

You are more likely to use too much force while attempting to open the door if you’re rushing. Carrying other goods like grocery bags, or if your door lock change is stiff (which you should consider changing). Reduce the chance that your key may become trapped in the lock halfway by using it appropriately and gently.

Why is my key stuck in the lock?

You can gain some insights into the problem by observing how much the key has rotated before being stuck:

The Key won’t spin in the lock

If the key hasn’t turned at all, you probably tried using the wrong key or a key that is severely cut, worn out, or damaged. Try a different key first, and if that doesn’t work. Use a Teflon, silicone, or graphite-based lubricant as described above (not WD-40). Take the newly cut key back to a key maker to have it redone if it still won’t turn. If it is not a freshly cut key, this may indicate that the lock needs to be replaced.

The Key is partially turned and jammed.

The failure or improper operating of the lock may be indicated if the key won’t turn in the lock but has rotated partially before getting stuck. Once more, this can be a clue that the lock needs to be replaced.

In either situation, you face a very significant danger of damaging the key within the lock if you keep yanking on it.

How not to handle a broken key inside a lock?

It might be enticing to keep pressing if your door lock is jammed with a piece of your key that has broken off. Hoping to pry the lock open. This will probably do more harm than good leaving your key stuck even farther inside the lock. Making it more challenging for even professional locksmiths Dubai to extract.

How to remove a damaged key from a lock?

Here are some straightforward household objects you might be able to use to extract the broken key by yourself. If your key becomes jammed within your door lock change. We advise hiring a locksmith if the key is really stuck or if you do not have any access to these things.

How to open a lock with a broken key by yourself?

To remove the key more easily, first, spray the door lock change with a solvent like WD-40. This will create a slick coating within the lock. This is only done to aid in getting the key out. Next, pull the broken piece out of the lock aperture using a tiny instrument like a jigsaw or sawing.

Using the saw to extract the broken key from the lock is made simpler by breaking the saw’s front end.

Simple things that are probably existing in your house could be used to recover a key that has broken off within a lock if you don’t have a saw or hacksaw:

  • Tweezers
  • Safety pins or bobby pins
  • Paper clips or steel wire
  • Swiss army blade

As a final option, apply superglue if the key is still visibly present and gently protruding from the lock. When the adhesive has dried, superglue a longer object to the exposed tip of the key and use it as a handle to pry the key away from the lock. Just make sure you could still see the keys for it to operate.

Using an extractor for broken keys

The locksmiths Dubai frequently use a broken toolkit to extract foreign items or damaged keys from lock cylinders.

You need a locksmith, when

To avoid harming your lock or door, more complex locks may need to have the broken key removed by a professional locksmiths Dubai. A locksmith is knowledgeable about a wide range of locks. And it will know how to extract a key that has shattered in your door lock change in the quickest and simplest manner possible.

Call Key Maker Dubai if

  • You have a deadline.
  • Every day, hundreds of damaged keys are removed by locksmiths Dubai, who can do it swiftly and effectively.
  • You don’t know how sophisticated your lock system is.
  • If you aren’t careful, attempting to remove a damaged key from a lock by yourself risked damaging the lock’s pins and mechanisms.
  • You don’t know how to use the aforementioned tools to recover the broken key.

The only method to ensure the key will be removed accurately and good lock operation is preserved are to rely on a professional locksmith like Key Maker Dubai.

In the end, a damaged lock compromises your home’s security and makes you more susceptible to burglaries. Whether you can fix it yourself or need to call someone else. It’s important to get it repaired and functioning properly as soon as you can by locksmiths Dubai.

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