How to Import MBOX Mail to PDF Adobe on Mac?

Thinking about – How to carry out MBOX file forensics and extract information from .mbox file gathered during collecting the data as a part to perform investigation on emails. And how to import MBOX mail to PDF on Mac which is reliable, platform independent and universally accepted format by applying MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter.

Scenario – Extracting the Evidences using best MBOX to PDF Converter Online

Nowadays, electronic media is a part of evidences that is utilized by all the Law Enforcement Agencies in the world to extract evidence. Numbers of evidences are collected from emails which are cached and preserved on the hard drive of the user. In the area of data forensics, mostly the emails are taken as evidences which are generally in MBOX format. There are several email client applications that stores emails in the MBOX format that usually act as crucial evidences in case investigation. Some of the email applications are Thunderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, Opera Mail, Claws Mail, The Bat, Evolution and more.

In order to do MBOX file forensics, first it is important to find the MBOX file location to carry out the MBOX forensics and extract evidence from mail files. Different email applications use different location to store MBOX file. To perform MBOX file forensics, to carve out the evidences from MBOX file, it is important to first find the evidence from culprit’s system and then convert MBOX file to PDF using the conversion utilities or different manual methods available online.

Why to Import & Export MBOX Mail Files to PDF?

To present the evidence in the court of law, it should be in the form of record, so we generally opt the software which convert the MBOX file into readable format. Most of the software only allows to view MBOX file not to convert. But it is important to convert the file into presentable, reliable format like PDF because the court requires effective evidence against the guilty. The PDF format is preferable due to it is the secure and protected file format which includes password protection feature that makes the modification somewhat complicated. Most of the users are dealing with issues in careful investigation of MBOX files. The issue can be solved by searching a professional best MBOX to PDF Converter online which is not capable to inspect files in MBOX format but also provide the option to import MBOX file to PDF with attachments.

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How to Import MBOX Mail to PDF on Mac with Attachments?

MBOX PDF Manual method is available to import MBOX mail to PDF on Mac but it is not reliable and you could face the severe loss of data. So, it is recommended, not to take the risk, simply opt the powerful and cost-effective utility i.e. MBOX to PDF Converter. You do not need to waste your time by converting one single file to PDF file.

The application is safe, cost-effective and accurately implement the batch conversion within seconds. Technical and novice users will be able to utilize the tool in a fast mode as it has simplified steps and intuitive user-interface. Moreover, the features of the software are advance the facilitate users to convert unlimited MBOX files to PDF in a snap and in a required way.  However, tool is introduced with a trial edition which will prove helpful to those who need to check the processing of the application for free.

Steps to Import MBOX Files to PDF with Mails and Attachments

Follow the below described steps and perform the conversion of MBOX files into PDF:

Step 1. Run MBOX to PDF Mac on macOS.


Step 2. Click either Add Files or Add Folder and upload desired MBOX data on the software and click on Next.


Step 3. View the list of added MBOX files and click on Next.


Step 4. Select PDF when clicking Select Saving Option.


Step 5. Apply PDF options to save MBOX files to PDF as per need and click Export.


Step 6. MBOX to PDF conversion process starts and now users can view the live conversion as well.


MBOX to PDF conversion will complete instantly and shows “Conversion Completed” message on the screen. Go to the location where PDF file is saved and check the results. The data integrity of MBOX file will remain unaltered during the process. So, users can let go their worries and use the application without any stress.

Some of the important features of MBOX File to PDF Converter for Mac

Includes dual conversion modes:

If you have multiple MBOX mailboxes which you need to convert in a single time, then you can surely perform the same with no trouble. Quickly add the individual MBOX files in one folder and start the conversion with all the attached items and other information.

Support all MBOX based email clients:

No matter which MBOX file email client application you are using. MBOX to PDF Converter is capable to convert MBOX files from all MBOX based email client applications. It includes Thunderbird, Eudora, Evolution, The Bat, Mac Mail, Postbox and etc. and generates individual PDF format. For ex. if you have 500 MBOX emails then the tool will create 500 PDF documents.

Provide multiple file naming options:

The tool contains different naming conventions. Users can easily save the resultant file according to the required naming format. The tool includes nine different file reformatting option that users can select and organize the resultant files.

Save MBOX to PDF with attachments:

MBOX to PDF Converter Mac includes two options to save attached files of MBOX folder that facilitate users to save attached files with PDF or save attached files in separate folder.

Convert MBOX to PDF on all Mac OS

The tool supports MBOX to PDF Mac conversion on all macOS versions. So, quickly download and run the tool on macOS Ventura, Big Sur, Catalina etc.

Free MBOX File to PDF Converter Download Edition

To understand the software more deeply, you can download the free MacMister MBOX Converter free download version and check the complete functionality and features of the software. The demo edition of the software functions completely similar to the license edition. But, the user is able to convert only first 25 mails of MBOX to PDF free of cost. And if you want to convert unlimited MBOX file, then you need to purchase the license key of MBOX to PDF Converter.

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