How to Import MBOX to Microsoft 365? – Complete Guide

import mbox to microsoft 365

Articlegood | Get a reliable solution to import MBOX to Microsoft 365 easily. As we all know that MBOX is an email storage file format utilized for storing bulk email messages. This file format stores messages in a complete folder in a single database file and all the new emails are attached to the end of the file. Therefore, it was originally produced for the Unix system. But, now various mail services both operational and non-operational support this file extension such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc.

So, this post will help you to complete the task using an automated solution which is an easy & quick way to import multiple MBOX files into Microsoft Office 365 without facing any data files. Hence, firstly, we will know about the MBOX file format and then move to the solution.

Now, in the next section, we will talk about user query to know what are the actual problems users face while processing. Let’s begin with the same!

Users Query For MBOX to Microsoft Office 365!

“Hi, I am Johan and Suddenly my MBOX file got corrupted due to unknown reasons. And, I have tried to repair the MBOX file by all possible means. None of the implemented techniques helped me to restore my important emails from the MBOX file. So, kindly someone suggests an alternative method to import MBOX to Microsoft 365. Through which I can easily access emails on Office 365.”

Reasons Behind to Migrate Mailboxes to Microsoft 365

There are limited features in .mbox file format applications, most of the users copy MBOX files to Microsoft Office 365. Which can access email messages, tasks, calendars, and other items from anywhere. However, the cloud access makes it wider to use this application. This is successfully overcome with all the major reasons, which necessitated updating MBOX to Microsoft 365.

Unable to Load Emails: The MBOX file being the desktop client-supported file is sometimes difficult to work with. Therefore, it has been reported that these applications create many errors in operating MBOX files and hamper their use.

Platform Dependency: All the applications that support the .mbox file format are desktop-based email client applications. And, they store a complete database at local storage. Therefore, it restricts the accessibility of mailboxes to the desktop only. Moreover, users find it difficult to access emails anywhere and anytime.

Difficulty in Handling Large MBOX: With the increasing emails and other data items, the MBOX file gets oversized. In the internal structure, the .mbox file format is such that it becomes difficult to work with such a large-sized MBOX file.

Note: “If you want to perform this task as a manual method then it is difficult for you. Because manually it cannot allow users to import MBOX to Microsoft 365. And, this method can allow you to import single MBOX files into Microsoft 365 with lots of challenges & risky processes. So, we suggest an automated solution to make it easy.”

Import MBOX to Microsoft Office 365 Account – Using Automated Solution

There is no manual method to process this task because it is not so suitable to perform this process for multiple purposes. But, don’t worry, you can easily use Best way to Convert MBOX files into PST Format Software for a multiple conversion process to import MBOX files into Microsoft Office 365.

This utility also supports the no-extension MBOX files of Mozilla Thunderbird and similar apps without any issues. It makes a flexible application that supports all the MBOX formats regardless of the associated email client.

Moreover, it is a free demo version that supports uploading 25 items per folder from MBOX to Microsoft 365 accounts. So, go with this automated software for an easy & simple conversion process. It has some advanced features which are also mentioned in the below section step by step:-

Advanced Features & Benefits of the Tool

  • Therefore, it uploads mailbox files with impersonation using the admin account.
  • This software imports multiple MBOX files into Microsoft 365.
  • Set the date-range filters to selectively migrate MBOX emails.
  • Also, migrate files without impersonation using normal user account credentials.
  • This utility runs on all the popular Windows versions.
  • To maintain the folder hierarchy of imported MBOX files in Microsoft 365.

Now, let us move towards the working steps listed in the below section:

Working Process Explained to Import MBOX to Microsoft 365

Following are steps to perform the automated solution which helps you to complete the task in just a single click. Let us start the process!

  1. Download and install the software on your Windows system & click on “Add File”.
  2. Now, import the MBOX file(s) you want to convert
  3. After that, you view a free Preview of MBOX emails
  4. Finally, select “PST” and click on the “Export” button.

So, this is a completely automated solution to perform how to import multiple MBOX files into Microsoft 365 without facing any trouble and losing the data file.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed how to import MBOX to Microsoft 365. Use the direct automated professional solution for importing multiple MBOX files into Microsoft Office 365 without facing any single piece of error. This solution is capable of any kind of problem and also saves the users time & effort. It provides a 100% guarantee to secure its data. So, use this expert-recommended solution to make your task easier than the others. Read more for an amazing solution for your issues.

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