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Do you want to use Mozilla Thunderbird to open your contacts from a vCard/VCF file? You want to Import VCF Contacts to Thunderbird , but you don’t know how? You do not need to worry. Get the simplest, most reliable answers to all of your questions such as “How to transfer VCF to Thunderbird?”

Mozilla Thunderbird is definitely a winner when it comes to a reliable and efficient desktop-based open source email client. Sometimes users need to transfer external contacts into Mozilla Thunderbird for several reasons. One of the reasons I moved contacts was to move a different email client to Thunderbird. Thunderbird offers the possibility to import contacts from a vCard file.

However, Thunderbird allows users to import or export only one contact at a time. However, importing multiple VCF files makes the process tedious. After looking at this, we looked for a free alternative to import a large number of VCF into Thunderbird at the same time.

In this modern age, every user or organization needs to maintain an appropriate contact list. No one loses contact because it affects the communication process in an inappropriate way. However, users find it difficult to maintain the same contact list when switching from one platform to another. Users also have the problem of having to import the vCard file into Thunderbird. Therefore, this blog will show you a step-by-step solution for importing multiple VCF into Thunderbird Address Book.

“There was an error in my system. I have contacts that I want to move from my Android phone to my desktop computer. I don’t know how to complete the steps to import multiple VCF into Thunderbird. I’m non-technician  person and I don’t know how to proceed. Help me with this task?’

Solution #1: Import VCF Contacts to Thunderbird – Manually

  • Download “MoreFunctionsForAddressBookplugin, click here to download for free. Save this plugin name as morefunctionsforAB-TB3-1.0b3.xpi in your system
  • Open the Thunderbird application, go to the menu bar and click the Tools tab > Click Add-ons
  • Click on the add vCard icon >> Go to Install add-on from file
  • Go to the location to save the “morefunctionsforAB-TB3-” file on your system >> Select the plug-in file and click the Open button
  • Click the Install Now button. The ‘MoreFunctionsForAddressBook‘ add-on will be installed automatically
  • Now Click the Restart Now button to restart Thunderbird
  • Click on the address book icon to open the Thunderbird address book
  • Go into the menu bar & choose Tools button >> MoreFunctionsForAddressBook >> Contact Actions >> Import VCF/vCard
  • Select the folder where you have saved all your vCard contacts >> Select All (CTRL+A) >> Click the Open button
  • You can see that all your vCard contacts have been successfully imported and all contacts have been saved.

Solution #2: Best Solution to Import VCF Contacts to Thunderbird 

Users can also perform this process manually, but there are some limitations: You cannot import multiple VCF contacts files at once. So you have to import all files separately. When you import them, you have to set the custom fields manually, which is very long and time consuming. This method is not suitable for importing multiple vCard contacts files into Thunderbird. This is why you should choose a commercial solution called SysTools VCF to CSV Converter Tool which can convert multiple vCard files to the desired format. After viewing VCF data, a user can move VCF files to multiple formats. It provides an option to convert a VCF file to CSV format. Moreover, it also supports the conversion of both single and multiple vCard contacts. Easily export vCard contacts to CSV format in Windows OS. Therefore, this app is a reliable solution for adding VCF files to Thunderbird successfully.

How to Import VCF Contacts to Thunderbird – Working Steps of the Software

This section introduces a two-step method for transferring VCF to Thunderbird. The user must first import the VCF contacts in CSV file format and then import the CSV file into Thunderbird. In order to import contacts in the VCF file format, users need to choose an automated solution. With this tool, you can easily transfer VCF to CSV file format. 

Step 1: Import VCF contacts into CSV format

  • First Download and Install SysTools Software on your System

Download VCF Viewer pro

  • Click the Add File or Folder button


  • Select the CSV file and click Browse

select browse

  • Select a folder, Navigate to the required file location, select it, and click the Open button

Select vCard CSV

  • Click the Export button to start the export process.

click export button

Step 2: Import CSV File into Thunderbird Address Book

Once the VCF contact file is converted to CSV file format, users can easily import the CSV into Thunderbird. To do this accomplish this task, the user needs to follow these steps

  • First you need to Open the Thunderbird
  • Then click Address Book> Tools> Import
  • Select the Radio tab next to the Address Book option. SelectNext
  • Then click “Text File” (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt) from the list of available options and pressNext” to select the converted CSV file
  • Finally, click the Open tab and then the OK tab to import the VCF contacts into Thunderbird.


In the blog above, we covered both manual and automatic methods to import VCF contacts to Thunderbird. Only the user chooses one of the technologies, but it is strongly recommended to use an automated solution that is more reliable, faster and more efficient.

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