How to Make 3D Printing Bookmarks?

Have you ever used a 3D printing bookmark? Of course, yes. It might be in a shape of a thick card or leather strip to keep you return back to your desired page. One can easily make a bookmark in any style. With the advance in the technology 3D bookmarks have replaced the old conventional bookmarks. 3D printed bookmarks are a good way to express patterns to Computer Aided Design (CAD). These are quite eye catching and appeal to all. 3D print design attracts people of all ages making the transfer of practical knowledge more visual. 3D printed design is also use to produce geometric shapes.

Design and Pattern

The attractive design of 3D printing bookmarks makes it more attractive and eye-catching. If you want to create 3D printed bookmarks for your library then you should have a 3D printer. Moreover you will also require a computer-aided design tools. Different kinds of computer aided design tools are available free on internet.

3D Card

3D bookmark is also based on a 3D card which is made of lenticular material. Now a day’s 3D design bookmarks are popular in demand and are use widely in every field. It is easy to handle and use. It can also be used in making company logos or slogans for advertising. The color and printing makes the card more eye-catching and prominent among people. 

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is known as a part of 3D printing. It plays an important role in many industries like aerospace, automotive, consumer products, industrial products and medical field. The market of Additive Manufacturing is increasing fastly and it is also applied in prototype and tools rather than production.

In Additive manufacturing we can design bookmarks by using CAD or 3D scanner. A wide variety of file formats are easily available. It includes STL, AMF, and OBJ. STL is the most popular format to be used among all formats. Although STL had certain lacks i.e. inflexible color, text, material provision and inability to cope up to with diverse machines, platforms and systems. All these issues make it difficult to share design. 

Types of 3D Design Bookmark

3D Bookmark Printing Design has been a point of discussion in electronic media for long time. New innovations and experience are being introduced day by day and it is still in the developmental process. 3D bookmark printed design undertakes every field of learning, from Science to Arts and from conceptual to practical. In the past the traditional methods of designing are used to create mass production and even any change in design was difficult to be applied. On the other hand, in 3D bookmark printing design there is no need of tool cast. There are many types of 3D Design Bookmark. The prominent ones are as follows:

  • Literal Bookmark Designing
  • Menu Bookmark
  • Book Jacket bookmarks
  • Nerd Bookmarks
  • Wooden Bookmark

These 3D design bookmarks are amazing and eye-catching. They are capable of producing unique parts at low cost. The detail guide/steps of making a 3D bookmark are as follows:

Account Making

You must have a personal account in any of CAD template website before designing a 3D bookmark. After acquiring account, select the DHF bookmark template. After this, open the file and click “Copy”. 

Proper Measurements for 3D Bookmark Designing

Now in this step you need to enter some of the important details i.e. length, font style, colors etc for bookmark designing. Select the attributes properly and go for things which look best and give an attractive look to your design. 

How to save Design

In order to save your design, first click on Design in the top left menu of CAD template website. Then click on “Properties” option from the dropdown bar. After this change the name of the file and save it on your laptop or PC.

Download and Print

Now click “Design” again and choose “Download” for 3D printing and click “STL”. Now your bookmark is ready to print. Designing a 3D printing bookmark is not a difficult task to do. Keeping in view the practical application of 3D print design, its utilization for the benefit of society is still very limited. Different advancements have been done in revolutionizing 3D print.

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