How to Make your Virtual Conference More Engaging?

We all know the aspects and feel that was included in an on-site conference. But, with the acceptance of a virtual environment, what does it take to host a successful virtual conference? 

Right from effective planning to executing the conference with the help of the most engaging tools and features, each step needs a strategic approach. 

Let us help you through the most important tools and ideas that can make your online conference super engaging and interactive;

Shorter sessions:

With conferences happening virtually, attendees are asked to join the event online from the comfort of their desired remote location. So, it is very easy for them to get distracted due to a shorter attention span. Hence, this is why event planners should be very particular about the session duration. You can also think of including breaks between the sessions to decrease attendee drop-off. Also, including short breaks will allow attendees to relax a bit and come back with more energy and enthusiasm.


Live polls and Q&A sessions:

Live polls and quiz sessions are excellent ways to promote the active participation of the attendees. Hence, you should look for an ideal virtual conference platform that can embrace these tools to make your event super interactive. To make the most of this, invite an incredible host who can very well keep the attendees engaged and begin meaningful 2-way conversations.



We know that conferences are occasions where people from different locations join in to have vital discussions on mutual topics. But, this does not mean you need to keep it all formal and orderly. Rather, you can include a gamification zone on your platform to make the virtual event more enjoyable. Games like word games, temple run, bingo, crosswords, tic-tac-toe are some popular choices to keep your attendees involved and engaged on the platform.


Live chat tool:

Virtual conferences, meetings, or summits that allow attendees to have real-time interactions can help increase the ROI of the event. The option of private and group chat options allows speakers, sponsors, and attendees to connect and engage with other participants during the event seamlessly.


AI matchmaking tool:

Most of the audiences get busy attending the sessions and navigating the platform. So, the aim is to make it simpler for them to interact with their fellow attendees and make new connections. Therefore, try making the most of AI-based recommendations to add more value to your online event. This tool allows you to set specific filters and bring people together or let attendees connect based on their mutual concerns and interests. One of the great networking tools, that people can use to expand their global network.


Create a customized venue:

Virtual conferences usually involve a large group of attendees taking part. So, the aim should be to recreate the experiences of an in-person conference. It starts right from the point attendees join the event. Therefore, you should look for customized virtual event solutions that can deliver immersive event experiences. For example, you can create an impactful virtual lobby, GIFs, images & graphics, dynamic banners, compelling event websites, and many more. Also, to enhance the impact of the online event, you can add 3D designs and a 360-degree tour feature to give an on-site venue feel.


On-event announcements:

We all remember the event announcements that used to happen during physical events in order to keep the attendees updated about the sessions. Similarly, virtual stages, today leverage pop-up features and push notifications. These tools help in notifying their online audience about the live and forthcoming sessions. On-event notifications can be brought into practice either through text or video means. Besides this, top event solutions also allow attendees to add the scheduled sessions to their personal calendars to avoid missing out on them.


Bring noteworthy guest speakers onboard:

Conference sessions are delivered and led by guest speakers. Inviting renowned speakers is an effective way to ensure that attendees pay attention and stay involved throughout. With experience and exceptional skills, these speakers are already familiar with strategies that will boost attendee engagement. To add more value, you can include a live chat tool that will make way for more significant 2-way interactions.

Include icebreaker sessions:

The motive is to drive attendee engagement and keep your audience involved right from the beginning. So, you can start the event with an exciting icebreaker session to give some specific time for casual conversations. Attendees and speakers can talk about the following five years goals, next holiday destination, favorite TV series, and more. It is an efficient way to make the conference super memorable and unique for your audience.

Leverage breakout sessions:

These sessions are similar to networking zones or meeting rooms that allow attendees to have 1:1 & group discussions. Choose an enterprise solution that has excellent audio & video tools. It will make way for more productive conversations where attendees and exhibitors can have clear and genuine interactions.

Live-streaming & On-demand content:

Live-streaming your conference on multiple social media tools is a great way to increase audience engagement. You can embrace both single and multi-channel live-streaming to let more people know that the conference is happening. The tools you can use to live-stream your conference are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When we talk about on-demand content, it refers to keeping the conference booth and content accessible by the attendees even after the event is over. It allows people to go through the conference’s content even if they missed the live event. Besides, it is an excellent method to increase the lifespan of the online conference.

Other engagement tools:

Here, other engagement tools refer to including a social wall, virtual photo booth, signature wall, etc. They are those significant factors that can add more excitement to your conference. People can click pictures using this digital photo booth and consider posting them on social media. This practice will enhance the social presence of the event and the brand or enterprises participating in it. A signature wall is used by people to pen down their responses for the event. It indirectly helps event planners collect the valuable feedback of the participants.

With these effective tools and ideas, we hope you’ll find it easier to host an engaging virtual conference. And, most importantly, with the decision of the conference and platform features, make sure that you choose an ideal virtual event platform that can seamlessly embrace your event needs to host a more likable conference.

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