How To Meal Plan And Hit Your Goals

You are just starting to get acquainted with bodybuilding and you need a diet for gym people,  then this article is the most complete guide for you. The following article will show you how to plan meals and achieve your goals clearly in the shortest time.

You need to get enough Protein

Protein is a particularly important substance in life, if you’ve ever watched survival shows like Man vs Wild then you’ve probably heard that if you don’t have Protein to eat, you’ll die very quickly. in the forest. Bear Grylls will find every source of the highest protein to eat without wasting a single bit.

And similarly, during our gym, if you want to achieve any goal, you must remember to eat enough protein.

For a normal person, the lowest amount of protein required per day is 0.8g/kg body weight. As for gym people, depending on the intensity of each person, the amount of protein will vary from 1.5 to 3g of protein/kg of body weight. If you feel that your protein intake is not enough, you can use supplements like whey to provide you with the required amount of protein. 

You need to load carbs

Besides protein, carbs are the main source of energy for the body during exercise. Whether you lose weight, gain weight or gain muscle, Carbs should always be present in your gym diet.

The cause of weight gain is not in the carbs but in the whole of what you eat during the day that causes it. And when exercising to lose weight, if you don’t eat carbs, you won’t have the energy to exercise, but when your body doesn’t have enough energy, you’ll exercise ineffectively. Ultimately leading to a poor calorie deficit and you will not be able to lose weight fast.

Don’t forget the fat

As mentioned above, fat is not the cause of your obesity, but the total calories you eat from the outside.

If you study hard, you will know that fat helps you lose weight more effectively instead of making you fat. Fat also has many effects on building muscle and helping you absorb vitamins and minerals more optimally.

However, you need to know the type of fat to use. Fats like Omega 3 are extremely healthy, but industrial fats (found in many packaged and ready-to-eat foods) are exactly the opposite, causing you to experience a series of diseases related to fat.

Get enough Vitamins

The next part in the diet for gym people is the vitamins, if you eat enough of the 3 substances above but the amount of Vitamin is deficient, then eating enough of the 3 substances above also becomes ineffective.

The vitamins and minerals also support each other. For example, you often hear that calcium supplements are needed to help keep bones strong, right? And if you keep loading calcium too much but do not load Vitamin D, that amount of Calcium cannot be absorbed, but also reverts to harm the body, even causing your bones to age faster (osteoporosis). 

Vitamin supplements are widely sold on electronic websites, along with many discount codes and coupons for vitamin that will help you save a lot of money.

Do not let the body be dehydrated

A serious mistake in the diets for gym people that many people make is drinking very little water, especially those who are fat.

Fat people often think that drinking water will make them retain water and make them look fatter. But you are wrong, to release fat, your body needs water to handle this problem. So, if you don’t drink water, what does it take to process the fat for you?.

Water makes up the majority of our body, all biological activities in the body require water. Lack of water, the metabolism will slow down, the skin will have acne, the organs will be reduced in function, the brain becomes less flexible, the muscles are prone to cramps during and after exercise…. a lot. The consequences of lack of water cause to the body that you do not even go through the day.

Have a snack before bed

This diet for gym people seems to make those of you who are losing weight feel… nervous. However, the fact that you eat before going to bed does not make you fat, as long as you do not eat excess calories 1 day to eat is okay.

Having a snack before bed has many benefits, especially for those of you who go to the gym because it helps you sleep better. If that snack has protein, even better because it will help your muscles have the necessary amount of protein to use for muscle repair and building while you sleep.

At this point, you can eat almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, or better yet, mix 1/2 teaspoon of Whey with 1/2 teaspoon of Casein for best use. There are currently many promotions, discount codes, coupons when buying additional products such as Whey, … take advantage of the opportunity to buy savings.


Here’s a guide on how to plan meals and reach your goals. A good exercise plan is not enough, but you need to have a complete and scientific diet to achieve the highest efficiency. You must form a diet for the gym that meets the prerequisites to meet your future goals.

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