How to pack properly when moving?

Moving is an exhausting thing in every respect but, alas, inevitable. The most terrible thing for many is the collection and packing of things that strive to get lost in an atmosphere of chaos and fuss. This article will give some simple but useful tips to ensure that your move goes like clockwork. It helps you to  move each of your favorite things safely and takes its place in a new home.

Preparing to move

It is better to prepare for the move in advance – it is understandable. However, even if you are a real ascetic and are used to getting by with a small number of things. It is simply unrealistic to pack all the wardrobe items, dishes, appliances, and furniture in a few hours. Therefore, you should carefully consider how and, most importantly, what you will put your things in at the preparatory stage. So, for a hassle-free move, you should stock up:

  • strong cardboard boxes of different sizes and the cardboard itself (useful for packing some pieces of furniture);
  • twine, ropes, or twine;
  • tape (it is better to take 5-6 skeins);
  • bubble wrap and film in general;
  • mattress moving cover
  • soft cloth;
  • paper and newspapers (to put them in boxes between breaking objects);
  • markers (to sign boxes).

Some advice not to take too large boxes – they are inconvenient to lift and carry from place to place. Instead, give preference to medium-sized boxes. Let not so much fit into them, but you will be sure that you can transport them without difficulty.

Planning for moving

Perhaps the most important thing in any move is the correct sequence. You should not grab everything in a row and put things in a random order, as you will only give yourself unnecessary problems during the analysis of the boxes.

Packing things will be much easier if you divide all your belongings into three groups: from the most necessary things you need daily to the least important. It is with the latter that it is worth starting the fees. Kept Textiles like curtains, decorative pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths, and blankets in a separate box.


So, we got to the treasured stage of packing things. And since we are talking about textiles, they should not be put in boxes, but if possible, form bales weighing no more than 20 kg for ease of transportation. It is convenient to put clothes in suitcases and large bags – at the same time, you will transport them.

After the textiles are assembled, take care of the books and albums. It is best to fold them in low piles and wrap them with a strong rope.

Let’s move on to the kitchen. Use boxes to pack dishes, and so that they do not break during the move, lay a soft cloth, foam plastic, bubble wrap, or newspapers on the bottom. Then, use the same materials to fill in the empty spaces in the boxes.

When the bulk of things are collected, you can take care of the furniture and household appliances. Don’t forget to first separate all the hardware and fold it separately, then tape the drawers and doors tightly with tape. To prevent mirror surfaces from breaking, wrap them with cardboard and wrap them tightly with adhesive tape, and for furniture, use ordinary film or covers where necessary.

A few useful hacks for moving

  • Sign each box, for example, “kitchen,” “hallway,” “bathroom,” and leave inscriptions on all sides – then you do not have to twist heavy boxes to figure out which room these things are from;
  • be sure to leave the inscription “Caution, glass!” for boxes with dishes, crystals, and other breakable items;
  • if it is possible to put the equipment in the original packaging, then be sure to use it – this will greatly facilitate the move;
  • To avoid losing small items and not to kill a lot of time searching for them when parsing boxes, use the principle of nesting dolls. For example, put cutlery, spatulas, a blender, and other kitchen utensils in the microwave, and put clotheslines, powders, brushes, sponges, and more in the washing machine.
  • Make tape handles for small boxes;
  • And don’t forget that moving is a great way to say goodbye to old, unnecessary, and boring things. So feel free to get rid of all the excess instead of wasting time packing these items.

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