How to Recover Corrupted WMV Video Files With Flawless Solution

WMV format is a modern file format that was released by Microsoft to fulfill the purpose of video compression, transmission at a fast speed.
It is supported by many modern media players which makes it popular among users. But like any other known video format, it is also vulnerable to many technical challenges that can damage, delete or make it inaccessible. We will learn how to recover corrupt WMV files without any data loss.

What Causes WMV Files to Get Corrupt?

Some of the WMV file format corruption responsible causes are mentioned here.

  • The corrupted file storage device
  • Malware attack on WMV file
  • Interruption while transferring or copying the files.
  • The format of the file is manipulated or altered.
  • Conflict in the commands while playing the video.
  • Corrupted WMV file header
  • File corruption while editing or processing it.

There are various other reasons too that are enough to corrupt WMV files. But luckily, there is a data recovery tool that is capable and efficient to recover the video format including videos including WMV video files.

Types of Errors in Playing WMV Files

Codec issues, crackled or distorted audio, frozen frame, black screen, errors – File could not be played are symptoms that will indicate that the WMV video file is corrupted.

If any of these symptoms come across to you then it is mandatory to take preventive measures as soon as possible. The foremost action is to avoid any modification in video files. It will cause only overwriting which will complicate the recovery process.

Can We Recover Corrupted WMV Files?

Yes, you can recover even highly corrupted WMV files, the only condition is to avoid overwriting. SysTools Hard drive data recovery software is the tool that recovers video files in their original format without any data loss by maintaining their integrity. The below-mentioned four steps will recover various kinds of video format files including WMV videos.

But before going to an automated solution, it will be worth trying a manual solution. If you have minor corrupted WMV files then this method might be useful to repair them.

Manual Methods to Repair Corrupt WMV Files (VLC method)

It is not just and media player, you can also use it to repair minor corrupted files. Such as converting them from WMV to MP4 format.

  1. Firstly, Open VLC media player and go to menu bar click on Media >> Convert/ Save [Shortcut: CTRL + R]
  2. In the next prompt. Click on the Add button to browse and add the WMV file. Then click the Open button.
  3. Then click on Convert/Save button or just hit Enter key.
  4. In the next window choose the Convert radio button. And choose Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) as the desired format to convert WMV video.
  5. Give the file name and select the destination folder to save the files by clicking the Browse button.
  6. Click on the Start tab and initiate the conversion process.
  7. Let the conversion process complete. Now your WMV file has been converted into MP4 format.
  8. Try to open the converted files into a VLC media player and check if the file is playable or not.

Challenge with Manual Method

This method is practical only for minor corrupted WMV files. If the files are highly damaged or facing major corruption issues then sadly this method won’t work out for you.

You can choose the Video recovery solution for the WMV repair tool.

Four Steps to Recover Corrupt WMV Files (Recommended Solution)

This solution is highly effective for major corrupted file repair and recovery. It passes through the video files and repairs them.

  • Firstly, Download and launch the Hard Disk Data Recovery tool on Windows OS.
    Note – Do not save on the same corrupted data drive.
  • After that, select the drive where WMV was stored and click on the Scan button.
  • Then, review the recovered files and choose the WMV files by clicking on the Filter button which will display the video files.
  • Finally, provide the location to save the repaired and recovered WMV files.

That’s all. All of your recovered WMV files will be saved into the specified location of the system.

Additional Advantageous Features of this Utility

  1. Offer recovery for various file formats including WMV such as MP4, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MKV, etc.
  2. User-friendly, self-explanatory solution.
  3. Repair, corrupted, damaged, inaccessible, degraded, manipulated WMV files effortlessly.
  4. Preview recovered video files along with their attributes.
  5. It is a safe and secure solution, does not require internet access to function (offline mode).


We discussed user queries that how to recover corrupt WMV files. This blog covered user queries, reasons, symptoms, manual methods, and straightforward reliable methods to recover the files. You can choose the method accordingly. But avoid the overwriting of data at any cost.

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