How to Register a Construction Company in Pakistan?

Whether you are setting up a construction company in Pakistan or working for a construction company that is already in existence, you will need to register it with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SEC). The SEC is the primary financial administrative body of Pakistan and is responsible for regulating the company sector. There is a one-window facility available to register a company with the SEC. Listed companies must have two directors while private limited companies must have one director.

Registerated Construction Company in Pakistan

To get your license, you must register your construction company in Pakistan with the Pakistan Engineering Council. You will be required to fill out an application with your business name, address, and contact information, along with a fee of PKR 15,000 (USD 265). The fee for registering a company goes up with each category. The fee for a C-6 construction company is PKR 15,000, and it goes up as you proceed. The federal government and the Pakistan Engineering Council are also required to be informed.

The next step is to write a business plan. Every start-up business requires a business plan to attract investors and secure loans. The business plan for a construction company includes your mission statement, basic biographical information, goods and services offered, financial highlights, specific past accomplishments, and future plans. The business model should explain why your products are in demand in the market and how you can earn profit. After you’ve completed your business plan, you can now apply for the registration of your company.

construction company in Pakistan

Article of association

When registering a construction company, you’ll need to file an article of association (also known as a business plan), which details how the company should operate. The articles of association are necessary for a construction company to operate legally in the country. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan recommends association membership for big builders and developers. However, it’s not compulsory for all construction companies. If you’re a sole proprietor or a partnership, you must register with the registrar of firms and fill out Form C.

To register your construction company near me, you need to file various documents with the relevant regulatory bodies. The federal board of revenue and the Pakistan Engineering Council are the two main places where you must register your business. Similarly, if you want to incorporate a public company, you must register your company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. 

National Tax Number

In order to register a construction company, you must apply for a national tax number (NTN). The number is assigned to your company based on the size and market capital of the enterprise. A construction company must also apply for a National Tax Number (NTN). The documents listed below are required to register your company with the FBR. You’ll also need to register your construction company with the PEC, the regulatory body for the construction industry in Pakistan.

construction company in Pakistan

The process of establishing a construction company in Pakistan involves three primary steps. The first step is to reserve a business name. It takes approximately 1.5 months to register a construction company in Pakistan. The total fee for the construction company registration process will vary based on the capital of the company. This registration will give you an advantage over your competitors. If you’ve been dreaming of a construction business, this step will make your business a reality!

International Company License

Besides, you’ll also need to apply for an international company license. For example, Glorious Builders is an international company that started in Lahore and now operates in Pakistan. The company provides construction services for public and private sectors, including commercial and residential buildings. The company also provides renovation, mechanical, fire safety, and agricultural development services. You should write a business plan. Every start-up business needs a business plan, which will help you secure funding and get a loan.

It should describe the construction business’s value proposition, positioning, and sales strategy. It may also include charts, notes, and other documents that will help the company succeed. The most important thing to remember is that it is not an easy process, and it may take some time. But it’s worth it! If you’re serious about starting a construction business in Pakistan, the first step is to create your business plan. 

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