How to Repair BKF files ?

repair bkf files

Creating the backup of data is the most important aspect for the users as it may contain the user complete information. If anything goes wrong with the backup file, it becomes necessary to bring it back to its normal condition. Are your BKF files suffering from major corruption?  Don’t worry, as this technical blog will help you with the solution to repair BKF files through manual and professional utilities. However, before we start explaining the solution, we will tell you more about the .bkf files and the reasons for corruption in them.

Reasons for Corruption in BKF files

Basic Understanding of BKF files:

The BKF files are the extension which the Windows Backup Utility creates after taking the backup of data of Windows NT to the XP version. If we talk about the Windows newer versions like Windows 8 and 10, these do not contain the Windows Backup Utility. Users need to download this utility in the latest Windows version to create backups.

Any user can take the help of the BKF files in the worst scenarios to recover their essential Windows data. However, a certain situation arises when the BKF files get corrupted. In that case, the user will need to repair BKF files to get their data restored. Now we will check some common reasons that will corrupt the BKF files.

Possible Cases when BKF files are hit with Corruption:

  • One of the primary sources of BKF file corruption is when the user’s hard drive crashes. It will disable the rights of users to view the data inside the BKF files.
  • Harmful software and even viruses can cause damage to the user’s computer files. If the corruption reaches the BKF files, then it also gets damaged.
  • Whenever interruption occurs while extracting the data from the Windows BKF files.
  • If the user shutdowns the system while running multiple applications in the background may cause severe data damage issues. During that interval, it may be a case that the BKF files are in process, which are also the possible corruption reasons of the .bkf.

Whatever the reasons for the BKF files’ corruption, users need to remove them as soon as possible. As .bkf files contain valuable data, the user must look for a solution to recover BKF files quickly. Moreover, the manual solution like NTbackup.exe to repair these files does not solve the purpose because of several limitations. We will highlight some of them which help you make your decision.

Why manual method to repair BKF file is not recommended?

A manual approach to solve the BKF file corruption has more than one drawback. There are reasons which make manual method not favorable to repair BKF files, some of them are listed below:

  1. The manual utility, responsible for removing corruption, only works well with a small level of corruption. If the BKF files are badly corrupted, this method does not work.
  2. Using the NTbackup.exe utility is unsuitable because running this application may also result in data loss.
  3. Along with the DLL files, there will be a need for ntmsapi.dll and vssapi.dll to start repairing the BKF files.

These are some of the reasons behind ignoring the manual repair solution. We will recommend users to try the third-party software to repair BKF files for overcoming such drawbacks through this blog; we will discuss one such tool which will overwhelm the manual solution.

Proficient & Advance solution to Repair Corrupted BKF files:

We have discussed a lot about the BKF files and some possible reasons for their corruption. To achieve the result in fewer time frames, users are advised to use a utility like the Shoviv BKF Recovery tool. It makes sure to recover BKF files irrespective of the corruption in them. Along with it, the software provides multiple user-centric functionalities to make the recovery process easier.

This software expertly handles the multiple numbers of corrupted Windows BKF files and removes corruption from them. Along with the BKF files, the tool also repairs the Symantec and VERITAS backup files. It also proficiently repairs BKF files (large-size) in the same manner as it works with the small-size BKF. After successfully repairing them, it displays the BKF file item in a tree-like structure.

The tool also comes with a free evaluation version, which the user can utilize to learn about the software’s performance.

Ending Remarks:

Backup files have their importance and come in handy while recovering data in a data loss situation. If you are suffering from the same problem in your BKF files, you need to think to repair BKF files urgently to recover data from them. The solution discussed on this technical blog will work extremely well in the most challenging situations. Conversely, the manual repair solution does not offer such flexibility and has the same capabilities as the professional solution.

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