How to Restore NTBackup BKF in Windows 10? – Stepwise Guide

Why do we need to reinstall NTBackup BKF in Windows 10? Regular data backup is referred to as a healthy habit for computer users. In this article, we will discuss the method to recover NTBackup .bkf data file. If you back up files regularly, you are doing the right thing for your data. Before proceeding directly to perform file recovery, one can understand what is an NTBackup backup file.

What is the NTBackup ?

NTBackup is an early utility built into Windows that allows you to restore Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 backups on computers running Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. However, new operating systems such as Windows 10/8/7 have replaced NT Backup. .. Windows backup and restore. This is familiar to today’s Windows users.

Files in the .bkf format are usually associated with the Windows Backup utility. These files are bundled with most Windows XP and NT operating systems. The bkf file extension usually contains a catalog of files supported by this utility. This application is part of the Windows operating system. The NTbackup utility makes it easy to backup your data. Because the program is not available in Windows 10, you need to take some selective steps to restore NTBackup BKF in Windows 10.

Simply put, you can’t run NTBackup directly on modern operating systems, but it’s not impossible. We’ll tell you more about these steps later and provide you with an alternative with more features. But first, let’s take a look at the functionality of NTBackup.

First of all, we need to download the NTBackup file which can be easily downloaded from the internet. It is actually a RAR file with two .dll files and one executable file. Below the file name is shared where you can see the actual extension.

  1. ntbackup.exe
  2. ntmsapi.dll
  3. Vssapi.dll

Restore NTBackup  BKF in Windows 10, 8, 7 – Manually

  • Just download from the Internet
  • Drag the files in the file cabinet to the selected folder
  • Rightclick NTBackup.exe and select Run as administrator

  • NTBackup shows removable storage services (removed in Windows Vista and later). does not matter! You need to back up the tape and then click OK


  • Select Next on the Welcome to the Backup or Restore Wizard page


  • Choose Restore files and settings and hit on  Next option


  • Click Browse, find the .BKF file you want to recover, and click OK


  • Expand the items to restore from the left pane, then select the files or folders you want to restore and click Next
  • Expand-the-Items-to-Restore-and-then-select-the-files-or-folders.png On the next screen, click the Advanced button and select the Location option from the dropdown menu under File Restoreselect-the-Advanced-button.png
  • In the Alternate Location field, specify the destination path and click Next


  • Select Keep existing files (recommended) and click Next


  • Set the appropriate recovery options again


  • Select Next and then Finish to complete the Backup Wizard


  •  When the process is complete, the NT Backup utility will restore the files and folders


Limitations of this Method

  • This Procedure works on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10, and not all versions of Windows.
  • The NTBackup utility will only work on versions of Windows prior to XP if you have a different .dll file saved with the executable file.
  • It becomes more time consuming if there are many operations to perform.
  • Only technical users can easily work with this manual solution.

Automatic Solution to Restore NTBackup BKF in Windows 10, 8, 7

If you encounter any problems following the above method, In this case, you will go through several problems which will not give you satisfactory results. The above steps will not solve your problem properly until you have a technical understanding of them. Use SysTools BKF Repair  Software to quickly recover and extract data from BKF file without data loss. This program will give the correct result and finally repair the corrupted backup file.  It has the simplest and easiest to understand GUI which any novice user can understand. The software also offers a preview of the data you recover. This tool is designed to make it easy to restore and recover all your Windows backup files.

The Software provides a free demo version for each user before switching to the fully licensed version so that the users can understand the full working process of the software. The demo version has one limitation – you cannot extract the repaired files.

Steps to Restore NTBackup BKF Files in Windows 10

Follow the steps to repair and restore corrupted BKF files effortlessly.

  • Install and Run Tool on your  Windows Machine

Download BKF Recovery


  • Click Browse button to add the  NTBackup BKF  file

add bkf files


  • This Tool offers three scanning options : Quick, deep, and rangebased scanning. You can select any option.

choose scan options

  • After that, the software will automatically start the scanning procedure

Start Scanning

  • Once the scanning process is complete, you can easily recover and extract data from BKF files
  • To restore data from NTbackup bkf data files, this tool provides two options like extract at selected location and extract at the original location. You can select one of the options to extract the data from your Windows backup file

Extracted at Selected Location and Extract at Original Location

  • The Software will display the successful extraction procedure wizard. Click OK to continue


  • You can open and Restore NTBackup BKF file.

Recovered BKF File

After performing these simple steps, the user can easily restore the backup file to its normal state. It provides a preview of the data stored in the BKF file. This is the best way to extract data from Windows backup files in an easy way without losing data.


 This technical article describes “how to restore NTBackup  BKF in Windows 10” by using a manual method and automatic solution to recover all backup files. For users without technical knowledge, the manual method becomes difficult and complicated. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to use dedicated software such as BKF Repair Tool.

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