How to save fuel: see 10 practical tips

Want to know how to save fuel? So you are in the right place. In today’s article, I will bring 10 practical tips for you to save your pocket.

It’s no secret that fuel prices fluctuate from time to time. Anyone who depends on the car daily knows that it is one of the expenses that most complicate the monthly budget. The variation, almost always, is still upwards. But still, there are ways to save fuel with good practices

With a few tips, it is possible, believe me, to save up to 20% of fuel! You just need to put them into practice. They are small attitudes and habit changes that can result in a gain of up to two months of gasoline. In addition to saving your pocket, the tips will collaborate with the reduction of pollutants.

The mileage per liter of fuel ratio is very important and every driver should do this calculation weekly. Only then is it possible to know if there is an effective way to save fuel and if it is happening? Through the account, it is simple to analyze whether you are taking any damage in your pocket (if the station is putting less fuel than the informed one, or with low quality). Fuel efficiency can also be a suspected vehicle problem.

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How to save gasoline or alcohol

Check out our tips to save when filling up with alcohol or gasoline.

Find out which fuel is more economical

With the increase in gasoline, a subject that is increasingly present in the daily lives of Brazilians is whether to fill up with alcohol or gasoline. We have a complete guide that will help you calculate which fuel is most worth filling with.

How to save every day

There are some ways to save fuel in different stages, but the most certain is on a day-to-day basis. Thus, those who use the car a lot can feel the fuel economy. Below are some tips on how to save fuel daily.

  • Before leaving home, plot the route to the destination. Use, if possible, an intelligent GPS that will avoid the most congested roads. The “walk-to” helps to consume more;
  • Accelerate gradually and do not shift gears. Forcing the engine, and increasing its rotation exaggeratedly, will damage the car and spend more;
  • Take your foot off the accelerator when you see a red light for the car to come to a slow stop. You save the brakes and gas;
  • If you are going to be stationary for more than two minutes in one place, turn off the engine. You spend less if you turn the vehicle off and on again.

How to save on the road

Now, for those who usually take the road a lot, there are also ways to save fuel and transform expenses into less. Consumption on the road is usually lower, but believe me: it can be even less. See below for some tips on how to save fuel on the road.

  • Do not drive at high speed on highways. Tests have shown that a moderate speed of 100 km/h saves a lot. In addition, you value safety more and practice good defensive driving ;
  • When traveling, if possible, do not drive with the windows open. The air intake increases aerodynamic resistance and forces the car to spend more;
  • Do not overload the trunk. A heavier vehicle overloads the engine and forces gasoline consumption.

How to save with am ecânica

Finally, some attitudes when doing maintenance and revisions can help save fuel. Predictive and preventive maintenance are excellent so that the car is always in order, directly helping to save fuel. For this, it is good to have a reliable mechanic to perform the work. See below for the best tips to save fuel with mechanics.

  • Keep the car engine always in order, and regulated. Thus, you avoid problems, collaborate with consumption, and pollute the environment less;
  • Poorly inflated tires can increase consumption by up to 10%. So keep them in order, in addition to taking care of alignment and balance often;
  • Check cables, spark plugs, and other ignition system components. Also, check the lubricating oil and the condition of the brakes.
  • With tips like this you avoid future problems in your car, don’t harm the environment and, of course, save your pocket. Got any questions or want to tell us another way to save gasoline or ethanol? Send us in the comments.

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