How To See Instagram Stories Anonymously

Why would one want to see Instagram stories anonymously?

There are a variety of reasons why someone would want to view another account’s Instagram Posts secretly, and it has nothing to do with doing something suspicious. Before engaging an influencer for a campaign, brands and marketers may want to perform anonymous research, which involves privately researching Stories material.

If an influencer suspects someone is stealing or copying their content, they may want to sneak a peek at another account’s Stories. Or, if someone believes they are being publicly slandered or bullied on another Instagram account’s Stories, they may want to retain a discreet record of the offensive information without informing the account owner.

Knowing how to watch someone’s Instagram Stories secretly comes in handy for a variety of reasons. You can also use Insta Stories. Everyone has “stalked” another Insta account at some point in their digital lives. Assuming the individual you’re carefully following has their records set to public and hasn’t hindered you, you can simply view them anonymously.

We’ve compiled three distinct methods for spying on someone’s Insta Stories without being discovered. Take a look at them below or simply use IG Stories.

If it’s not too much trouble, remember that the greater part of these techniques will possibly work assuming the record you’re endeavoring to see is public and hasn’t obstructed your Instagram account.

1) How to View IG Stories Anonymously on a Computer

This is by a wide margin the most advantageous method for review somebody’s Instagram Stories without them knowing.

  • Simply go to to download Instagram Stories Anonymously.
  • Type in the account’s handle in the search bar. If you spelt the account’s handle correctly, it should display underneath the search field (along with the account’s profile photo).
  • Along with the number of Stories presently visible on their Instagram profile and the last time they uploaded a photo or video.
  • Digital marketers, influencers, agencies, and brands wishing to save Insta Stories directly to their PCs.
  • For post-campaign reporting and coverage may find this strategy very useful.

How to View Instagram Stories on an iPhone Anonymously:

There’s a way to read someone’s Instagram Stories secretly from the convenience of your iPhone if you don’t want to use your desktop or laptop.

  • Simply go to Igstories to download Instagram Stories Anonymously.
  • Type the account you want to view anonymously into the search bar.
  • Even if you make a spelling mistake, the program will offer you with a list of accounts that match the term you’re searching for, so you’re likely to find the account.
  • By tapping on the username of the account you want to creep, you may select it from the list.
  • You’ll then see a folder with the number of stories they’ve uploaded in the last twenty-four hours.
  • As well as the date of their most recent article.
  • Tap it to see individual Stories anonymously, so the account doesn’t know you’re looking at their stuff.

If the Instagram person you’re trying to creep has blocked your account, this strategy will not work.

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How To View IG Stories In Secret On An Android Phone

You’ll have to go to the Google Play Store and get Story Saver for Instagram. Or then again use Insta-Stories

  • Open the application and sign in utilizing your Instagram username and secret word.
  • You’ll see an inquiry symbol in the upper right corner whenever you’ve signed in. Essentially tap it and type in the handle of the Insta account you need to follow.
  • Tap their profile picture to peruse their Insta Stories in a feed design secretly once their profile shows up underneath the hunt box.
  • Essentially tap on a symbol square to view or watch a specific Story.
  • You will then, at that point, be given the choice to “Repost,” “Save,” or “Offer” that particular Story.
  • Select “Save” to save the video cut/photograph to your cell phone.

You can likewise utilize IG Stories. Everybody has “followed” another Instagram account eventually in their advanced lives. In the event that the individual you’re carefully following has their records set to public and hasn’t obstructed you, you can essentially see them secretly.

If the Instagram person you’re seeking to view has blocked your account, this strategy will not work.

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