How to Select Best Color for Your Custom Neon Signs Canada

custom neon signs canada

“What’s the big deal about buying custom neon signs Canada?” It you’ll shock how that question comes up while you’re looking for one.

The reality is, you don’t have a lot of things to think about or decisions to make. But the ones you do have can take a long time and cause you some difficulties.

You must choose carefully for neon signs, from the size to the color you desire. If you do not want to be disappointed.

As people who have worked in the industry for a long time. We can guarantee you that there is no such thing as a “poor decision,”. But rather one that you enjoy the most.

The most difficult element will no longer be determining the ideal size for it, as you can always do so by measuring the area where custom neon sign Canada will be placed.

If you’re hesitant, we recommend going with a medium or large size because you have enough of room.

What’s next? Consider the neon design you desire.

This won’t be difficult if you have a design in mind. Instead, you can concentrate on getting a custom neon sign, which will be lot easier and less time consuming.

But what if you’re not sure which design you’d like from the store?

After all, we have over 300 designs in Neon-Rooms, ranging from quotes to basic shapes or figures, and we understand that this might be daunting. But take your time, explore around. And we’re confident you’ll find the one you like best until you can acquire another one.

Finally, the nightmare that most people overlook at first: deciding on a color.

The trick is to have a favorite color of your own, but if you want to put the custom neon sign Canada in a specific location with colors that are slightly different from it, you’ll have a hard time.

“Which color would look best with this?”

“Should I acquire it in a different color because of the décor?” “Will it give off the mood I want?”

All of these are frequent questions, and since we don’t want you to waste your time deciding on a color, let’s figure out which one you should go with.

Bedroom Colors Inspired by Neon Signs

Our bedroom is by far the most typical location for a neon sign in our home. It just gives us that peaceful, one-of-a-kind atmosphere we’ve been seeking for.

When you already have a color on your wall decors and graphics—which is almost always—you’ll be concerned that it won’t be a great match for your neon sign color.

The color of your walls, on the other hand, matters around 70% of the time. Because the neon sign can only eclipse it when it is a clear color.

Of course, certain colors will look better or different against a white wall than they would against, say, a yellow wall.

Consider a green wall with a pink custom neon sign for a clear illustration. There will be some competition between the two colors, and while we urge individuals to choose their favorite, such pairings are not recommended.

Consider a black wall with a pink neon sign on the other hand. The contrast will be amazing since the neon lights will stick out a lot against the neutral background, which is exactly what you want.

Now that we’ve established that, are there any colors that will look better in a bedroom than others? Absolutely.

Pink, crimson, orange, white, and purple are fantastic colors for creating a pleasant, soothing atmosphere.

Warm colors or those that give off this feeling will be the greatest for most people placing custom neon sign for a bedroom because it is the major goal for most people.

When using any of the five colors listed above, try to keep your walls white, black, or even the same color.

This will intensify the color and make the neon light look 10 times better, which is very useful if you want to include a quote in your sign, such as our ‘Create Your Own Reality’ neon sign or the ‘Dream Big’ neon light, which is available in all five colors.

The Best Dark or Dramatic Theme Options

Keep it dark if you want it to be dark.

This is a really simple and straightforward bit of advice. Bright colors like yellow, green, and even pink should be avoided when looking for dramatic or deep colors in your décor or setup. Instead, stick to dark hues and a palette comprised entirely of them.

There is, however, one stipulation: only use dark ones if you actually want to maintain the atmosphere low and profound. When you’re aiming to achieve a different result, bright colors are a good choice.

Perhaps your walls are dark and you don’t want to keep them that way. Instead, you’re considering doing something unusual to brighten up the place.

What dark color do you have on your walls now?

Any color will look great on black walls, whether it’s bright or dark, as long as you’re happy with the outcome.

If you’re planning something special and want to go all out, we recommend choosing a neon sign color that matches the rest of the decor or harmonizes with it better than thinking in your wall.

For dark reds, you might want to stay with reds that match the wall or similar tones that won’t alter too much when the light is turned on. Use our ‘Crazy in Love’ neon sign with a black, red, or white wall on your wedding day as an example.

One of our most recent Neon-Rooms clients decided to keep things simple by hanging a purple ‘Don’t Quit’ neon sign on a white wall, and believe us when we say it looks nothing like white, but rather purple has taken over the entire space. We’re completely enamored with it!

It’s perfect if you like it.

As we stated in the outset, you should definitely go for it if you enjoy it, and that’s it.

Certain combinations may seem strange or unusual at times, but that doesn’t imply they’ll look horrible, and why should you change your mind if you’re having fun with it?

We support the ‘stay true to yourself’ movement, which is why we advise you to do so while selecting a color. We are convince that any of our neon signs, regardless of color, will look fantastic.

Regardless of the color, we’ve made sure that every single one of our styles and designs is stunning. All eight single colors available in our store will take your breath away. If you can’t get enough of one, here’s some final advice: multi-color it is!

Our designs at Neon-Rooms can be single or multi-colored. Which provides you the option of selecting more than one if you can’t decide which one you like most.

When you choose the multi-color option, our ‘Relax’ neon sign is one of our customers’ favorites because it fits in wonderfully.

Other custom neon signs, such as our ‘Red Light District’ and ‘Say Yes to New Adventures’ neon signs admit to a weakness for red and pink. And what about our ‘Globe’ design? The winners are undeniably blue and green.

Please feel free to browse all of our collections which range from ‘Artistic’ to ‘Music,’. And be confident that any of the neon lights offered, will look fantastic in the color you choose.

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