How to select safe compaction equipment

Road construction is quite dangerous and ensuring the safety of the people working at the site is extremely important. But road construction requires the use of compaction equipment and those can be really rigid machines. While operating the equipment the operator can feel every degree of the slope as they work their way through the ditches and shoulders of the road. Working with these machines there is always a risk objective of it rolling over. Although there are several guidelines that have been put in place by the OSHA. Such as seatbelts and personal protective equipment, in order to protect the operator and reduce the risk of a rollover. When you’re working with a compactor even something as small as a hard hat could end up saving your life if there happens to be a rollover accident so it’s really important to take these measures to protect yourself. 

In recent days we have seen that there are some manufacturers who instead of working with the same old technique are now trying to remake the process entirely. Traditional compact rollers are not only high maintenance and provide some utility but they can also be quite dangerous if not handled carefully. When you’re deciding on which compaction roller to buy you need to consider every aspect.

Design Built for Safety

The biggest issue that arises in compaction equipment in terms of safety is that manufacturers try. To make the drums one for all and make them for motion, stability as well as compaction. However, once the location of the drum is not the same. And it is moved to an offset arm attachment, the problem with safety is not present anymore.

When you use the compaction roller as an attachment you will be able to connect it to other equipment like a grader or a loader. By attaching the roller to a powerful machine, you will be able to have another power source. For the equipment and the offset arm will make it more stable and safe. If you search for a vibratory roller for sale and are in possession of another piece of equipment. That you can use as the host machine you will find it much easier to finish the job.

Having a setup like this will allow the operator to use the machine on a flat surface. But the arm helps by extending to the edges of the road all the while the flat surface is also getting compact. With these improved safety measures, you will get a higher safety rating making it easier to secure bids. Besides the increase, there’s a number of other benefits that moving the drum to the offset arm provides. 

Reduced Maintenance Down Time

After the Compaction roller has been made into a separate system it will no longer have. Any parts that need to be maintained. You can go one step further to limit down time by finding an attachment that allows. A universal mounting pad and basic hydraulic connections. They will allow you to set up smoothly and make disconnecting with the host machine easier. 

You can also think about getting remote-controlled options, they allow some compact roller operators. To have control over the adjustments completely.  

Adjustability and Transportability

When the compaction drum does not need to be responsible for stabilizing and propelling the machine. Needs the manufacturers are free to make different drum sizes the accommodate different customers needs. The size of compaction rollers also offers the added benefit of making the transport easier. This makes rollers the preferred choice of equipment. For compaction since they are easy to transport from one site to another. 


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