How to setup Canon TR 4500

Step by Step – Canon TR 4500 Printer Setup

Canon is one of the top brands when it comes to producing exceptional technological items. Two of the famous products of Canon that you might have definitely heard of are printers and cameras. The company also produces various items in relation to these technologies like scanners, copy machines, projectors, etc.

Canon TR 4500  Setup

TR 4500 is a product of Canon’s TR Series. These had all kinds of ink-jet printers. This means that there is no tank available in it, rather these kinds of printers have cartridges, which can be directly installed inside the printer. This is very beneficial because it is easier to use and doesn’t include a mess while filling the ink. The next thing to know is that the printer comes with a power cord, two packs of ink cartridges (black and color), and an instruction manual.

Things to remember before Canon TR 4500 Setup:

  • The printer is a sensitive device. So, handle the device very carefully, right from opening the package.
  • Keep the box on some stable surface before opening to safeguard the printer.
  • While opening, use some sharp-edged item, and carefully open it.
  • After that, place the printer in a clean, dry place with proper air-flow available.
  • Keep the documents and bills safe. Sometimes they ask for a warranty. Nowadays, many companies including canon usually communicate through the mail. The bill, warranty, etc. are available there. Save it.
  • Also, remember to remove all the orange tapes and protective materials. If you haven’t done so, you might receive an error, while setting up.

Initial Settings – Canon 

  • You have been provided with a wire that connects your printer with the electric board. Attach it to the printer and plug it into the board and switch it on.
  • Now open the machine by pressing the power button
  • Once it is started, a green light beside it will start blinking. The setting to change languages will show up on the screen. Use arrow keys to do so. Once the language you want is available on the screen, press ‘OK’
  • Also, add your country by following the same steps as given above.
  • Then, insert the two-color cartridges, that you have. Open both the flaps beside the which are below the power option. There are two sections. One is color and another is black. Insert the cartridges into the allotted section. Please check that it is fully inserted, or else the machine won’t be able to use it.
  • Close the inner flap. Now, pull the outer flap for the blue color paper guide. While putting in papers, adjust that blue color guide, according to the size of the papers. Once you have kept the papers, close it.
  • In the display, your device will ask you to provide the details about the papers that you have added to the device. Choose the size of paper you have installed using the arrow keys. Finally press ‘okay’

For Setting up the device with the Wi-Fi

  • Press the ‘Settings’ option
  • Press the arrow key facing towards the right until the ‘Device Settings’ option, appears in the display. Touch ‘OK’ to select it.
  • Do the same, for choosing the ‘Lan Settings’ option.
  • To choose the ‘Wi-Fi’ setting, press ‘OK’
  •  ‘Enable/Disable Wi-fi’ by pressing ‘OK’
  • Choose ‘Active’ by pressing ‘OK’
  •  ‘Wi-fi Set-up’ by pressing ‘OK’
  •  ‘Manual Connect’ by pressing ‘OK’
  • Choose your Wi-fi Router by pressing the arrow key facing towards the right. Finally press ‘OK’
  • Confirm the settings you have done, by pressing ‘OK’
  • The device will ask you the password. Add the password by using the number keys below the display. If your password is complicated, you will need additional letters, press the ‘*’ key. Some passwords even have symbols. To use those, press the ‘#’ key.
  • Finally, press ‘OK’

How to know the password through which you can use the device?

  • Press the ‘Settings’ option
  • Touch the arrow key facing towards the right until the ‘Device Settings’ option, appears in the display. Press ‘OK’ to select it.
  • Do the same, for choosing the ‘Lan Settings’ option.
  • Now search for ‘Wireless Direct’ in the same way and choose it by pressing the ‘OK button.
  • Press on the ‘Ok’ button until the done option comes
  • Push the arrow key that is facing right until you get the ‘Security Protocol’ and choose it by pressing ‘Ok’
  • A password will appear. Write it down. It will be very useful for you to do the printing through any device

How to use this password to make the device work for your android operating system phone/IOS operating system phone/Computer

  • Start the Play Store Application in your android operating system phone.
  • Within the application, search for the ‘Canon Printer Application’
  • In Application will be available in the result. Select ‘Install’.
  • With your Wi-fi option, Select the Printers name
  • In the previous process, you have obtained one password. Type it here.
  • Now start the application that you had installed
  • There you will find an option to add the device, Select it.
  • Once it is done, an image will be shown. Select ‘Cancel’.
  • For using the device to work through an IOS operating system phone, you can use the same technique. The only difference would be that you will have a different application to download from and the installation process might be different.
  • Connecting directly to the computer: First, connect the printer and your computer with a data cable.
  • Search for the control panel in your P.C/Laptop and then in the control panel search for sound and hardware and then go for devices in the printer. Select your printer. Add it and select the port for connection. Now on the printer press the ‘Menu button’, select ‘System’, then ‘Admin Menu’, then ‘Network’, and then ‘Wireless Setup’. Select the Network from the list and enter the network passphrase.

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