How to split and merge Your PDF Files Using Spin PDF Online Tools?

The invention of “Portable Document Format” abbreviated as PDF made the virtual work reliable. PDF is a format which is used to save the files that can easily be saved in an arranged pattern and can be printed. Its abbreviation defined as the “p” stands for portable, “d” stands for document and “f” stands for format. It is the best format that is used worldwide for sharing of files with written policies. 


We can use it when we need to save the document that does not want to be changed or edited. Adobe reader is particularly used to read the PDF files and this version of the Reader program is almost installed in every advanced device.The basic purpose of the conversion of other files to PDF will also help you to see through the document without any pausing effect. In this article you will be able to know about the PDF policies, its reliability, purpose and conversion to any other portable files. The best online site that made the conversion of other files into the PDF made possible in just one click will also be defined in this article. 


Basics of PDF


As we know that PDF runs the world with its version of reliability. It has maintained the international standards by the International Organization for Standardization i.e; ISO. 


The PDF is known to be the best version in terms of its presentation, software independency, hardware operational systems and exchange of documents with reliability. It can add the different links, hyperlinks, navigation buttons, pictures, tables, web pages, other documented sites and different source files. 


The PDF documents also contain the audios, videos, business logics and form fields. The PDF is electronically signed and people can view through windows that have an Acrobat Reader on their systems. 


PDF policies


The PDF policies are standardized as it is a formal document that is a legal binding document. It contains the basic definitions, manages accounts, and sets up security policies also for sharing to other softwares in its original formatting. Acrobats Reader implanted the licence in PDF and inscribed the PDF users the encryption key. Through this licence the authors of the document and administrator can track and inspect the PDF. 


Reliability of PDF

The reliability of a document can be explained as the quality of the document. When a PDF file is created, it contains the amount of data in forms of images,paragraphs,graphics, vectors, tablets etc. The best and reliable thing is that it displays the document and data in the exact same manner that it means to be. 


Use of SPIN PDF online tools


The SPIN PDF is a website that has 30+ PDF tools which provides you with a variety to make your conversion and merger of data, files and pages together more easy on a single click. It is the best PDF solution to separate PDF pages and combine the PDF pages into one document. In this article particularly the two types of SPIN PDF online tools are discussed which are:

  1. Split PDF
  2. Merge PDF

Split PDF online tool

The pdf cutter online tool is included in one of these 30+ PDF tools. It is the best solution to separate PDF pages by its uses. Split PDF tool is a free of cost tool. It made the conversion or separation of PDF pages very easy. This site has best access to select a file for processing through any source for example;

  • Computer storage
  • Any PDF file
  • Google drive
  • Drop box
  • One drive
  • URL

How to use the split PDF tool?

The Split PDF tool mainly has a navigation button through which we can access the PDF file in any form. For this process you have to make an internet connection. The further process will be elaborate in the article through the following points;

  1. Firstly we have to drag and drop the PDF file into the online tool for separation
  2. Secondly select the desired pages to split into PDF pages online
  3. Thirdly select the given option as per your desire e.g; Split by Page or Split by Range 
  4. At fourth there need to select the option which separates the selected  file or One file
  5. And lastly we have to click on Split PDF button for free of cost to separate the pages

This process can hardly take a few seconds for separation of pages and you can achieve the desired pages with free click.

Merge PDF online tool

The merge PDF online is another tool of SPIN PDF online tools. Its basic purpose is to combine the PDF files at free of cost very easily. For this tool an online process takes place and the SPIN PDF provides this merger also in a few clicks. This site allows students and professionals to access their files from any means of storage with a single click. For example as it above mentioned the acces could be possible from computer storage, PDF file itself, google drive, drop box, one drive and URL directly. 

How to use the Merge PDF tool?

This Merge PDF tool page has a navigation button through which we can access the PDF files easily. For this process few of steps should be followed which are given below:

  1. At first step we have to drag & drop the PDFs to combine PDF into one
  2. Secondly we have to arrange the PDF files to merge them
  3. Thirdly if there is a requirement we can rotate, delete or insert the PDF files
  4. At fourth step made a single click on given button “MERGE PDF”
  5. And lastly we can download the PDF file after its merger. 

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