How to Split Heavy VCF file into multiple VCF files with Full Accuracy?



Contacts in Outlook may be stored in a variety of formats, including vCard, Multiple VCF, CSV, and PST. A vCard file can save a single VCF or more. The import function’s restriction is that it can only load a single contact from a Multiple VCF File.

To do this, a VCF file may need to be manually divided into numerous contacts. This may be accomplished by utilizing the Windows contact folder. It is a simple technique that, when perform correctly, will result in the creation of multiple.vcf files.

They may then be imported into Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. This guide will teach you how to Split Heavy VCF file into small multiple VCF files. To avoid data loss, repeat the procedures precisely as described in the post.

Split Heavy VCF file

Methods to Split Heavy VCF file into Multiple Contacts

To extract individual contact files from a Multi vCard, follow these steps:

Step-1 First, convert VCF to Windows Contact

  • First, navigate to C: Users%username%Contacts and select the Import option.
  •  Select the vCard(VCF file) option from the ‘Import to Windows Contact’ dialogue box and click Import.
  • Navigate to the place where the.vcf file is saved in the ‘Select a vCard File for Import’ box.
  • Then, once you’ve selected the file, click the OK button to divide VCF Contacts file into numerous contacts.
  • Each contact’s properties window will now open one at a time. Make any required adjustments before clicking the OK button.

Step 2: Consolidate Windows Contacts into a Single VCF File

Now, under Windows Contacts, click the Export button. To create multiple selections, press and hold the Ctrl button and click on the items one by one time.

  •  From the ‘Export Windows Contacts’ message box, click vCard (folder of .vcf files).
  • Then, to separate several VCF vCards, select the Export option.
  • Navigate to the location where the vCard contacts will be kept.
  • Then press the OK button.
  • All contacts from the a.vcf file will now be stored to separate VCF files.

Manual Process Limitation for Splitting Multiple VCF

  •  Time Consuming: Saving each contact one at a time to Windows Contacts might take a long time. If a vCard contains more than 500 contacts, the process might take hours. Long Operation: Splitting a VCF vCard file into many contacts can be a time-consuming and exhausting process if there are more than 40 files.
  •   Data Integrity Not Guaranteed: During transmission, certain contact information may be missing or mixed up.
  •   Technical Knowledge Required: It is preferable to have a thorough grasp of the procedure before beginning the assignment. Otherwise, while attempting to divide a Multiple VCF card, seek technical assistance.
  • Tricky Steps: Some steps may appear to be technical jargon to many home and non-technical users.

A Perfect Way to Split Heavy VCF File into Multiple Contacts

For certain contacts, the manual approach is a simple repair. It is not the best option for transferring whole mailboxes from one client to another. Business users, in such instances, demand a more professional solution, such as Softaken VCF Splitter Software.

It is a simple, user-friendly program designed to divide a vCard file containing several contacts into independent files. It is a useful tool with the following characteristics:

  •  Split just one VCF file at a time, no matter how large.
  •  Split just the user-defined contacts into vCard format.
  •  It is possible to split VCF files into many contacts.
  •  Provide a deep look at VCF contact data.
  •  VCF files may be scanned and divided regardless of their platform of origin.
  •  Options for sorting.vcf files or contacts based on attributes.
  •  A clever piece of software that works with all vCard versions.
  •  App that is safe to use for both personal and commercial reasons.

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Working Procedures for Splitting VCF to Multiple Contacts

  •  Install the vCard file splitter application.
  •  Select “Add File” and “Add Folder” to add multiple VCF files.

  •  Continue by clicking the “Export” or “Export Selected” buttons.
  •  Next, go into the Advanced Option and select “Split vCard.”
  •  Choose the appropriate VCF file version.

  •  The final step is to choose the location of the exported VCF files and click the “Export” button.
  • Highlights of Softaken Split VCF Software:

Individual VCF files have been create

Softaken VCF splitter was design to let users divide a VCF file into distinct files and save them. Each VCF file contact will be export safely to the appropriate VCF file. As a result, it offers customized VCF conversion solutions. They can only contact those who are necessary.

A divided VCF file can be save in MSG format

Users can save the divided VCF file in MSG format using the VCF Split App. After dividing the VCF file, users will be present with two options for storing it. The VCF format is the first, while the MSG format is the second. Users can choose any of the formats that best fit their needs.

Split cards supplied by the user

Softaken Split VCF separates vCard files that have been filter. Users are free to choose whatever VCF file they desire. Regardless of the infrastructure on which it is build. Users can choose which vCard file’s contacts to divide into several VCF files manually.

Display the VCF contact information

The Preview option in the program now lets users inspect the whole contacts list of a VCF file that has been load to split. This will show a user’s whole contact list in a single VCF file. After obtaining a full preview, users may be certain that their contact files are ready to split.

Contact databases should be maintain

Softaken split vCard offers a smooth splitting option. It retains the original contact information, including name, address, phone number, email address, photographs, and description. The program saves the number, text, and symbol from all vCard files. It is a reliable utility.

Easy to use

Split vCard by Softaken is an easy-to-use program. It’s simple to implement and administer. The tool installation procedure is similarly straightforward, necessitating no expert assistance. The app’s single window will demonstrate how to use it while maintaining data integrity.


The Outlook Import function is out of date, and the email client has problems handling vCard v2.1 files. When an earlier version of the a.vcf file is import into the program, some fields may be distort. The essay includes one of the finest manual methods to split VCF file into multiple contacts. An professional method is also discuss, making the entire process much easier for the user.


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