How to Surprise Your Spouse This Christmas

These are a few of my Christmas wishes for my love. Indeed, this is where people are spending lots of money, time and efforts to make their loved ones feel happy. If you are also one of those who are looking for the surprise gift options for your sweetheart, then here are a few tips that can be quite helpful.

Give your spouse an unexpected gift

Some of my most memorable gifts have been the ones that were least expected. A card with a love poem, flowers on your birthday, or a special dinner are all great ways to express your feelings to your spouse. But sometimes the best way is the one that’s least expected.

Sometimes you can tell your spouse how much you love them through an unexpected gift. The best kind of surprise isn’t the one where they have to guess what is in the package, but rather when you give something that they did not think that they wanted.

The idea of the unexpected gift is to give your spouse something he or she would not normally want, but might like if they tried it. What kind of gift falls into this category? A day at the spa, tickets to a play, a beauty kit? Or maybe even something more practical: kitchen supplies, tools, equipment?

Do something to surprise them during Christmas day

One of the hardest things about being married is that you know your spouse so well, it’s easy for them to predict what you will do. You get into habits that are comfortable but can get boring.

So how do you surprise your spouse during Christmas day? The easiest answer is to just do something unexpected like giving them a gift they don’t like or opening the door when they return home. But if you want to go beyond that, here are some ideas:

  1. Buy an extra gift and make it look like it came from your spouse. For example, buy a new dress and hide it in their closet before Christmas. When they open the present, tell them that they bought it for you!
  2. Prepare something special for dinner that your spouse really likes but doesn’t often make for themselves.
  3. A nice breakfast in bed without telling your spouse why they’re getting it (and with breakfast in bed, you can set up a camera to catch their expression).
  4. Prepare something special for dessert after dinner (maybe some chocolate mousse topped with fresh fruit). Again, prepare this without telling them why you’re preparing it or how much time is involved in making it.

Do something to show that you still love them

Love is the most important thing in a marriage. But it doesn’t behave like other things, where you can just calculate the inputs and outputs. If you want to keep love, you have to work at it. You have to actively protect love—you have to fight for it, every day.

You have to surprise your spouse. Not just with gifts, but with affectionate gestures that show you’re thinking about them even when you’re apart. You have to try new things, so that your life together never grows stale. You have to let them know that there are still things about them that make you more in love with them than ever before.

And you have to show that you still respect them, by listening to their ideas and opinions and trying not to judge them too quickly or too harshly. A marriage is a partnership between equals; if one person starts acting like the other is less important or less intelligent or less worthy of respect, then love will slip away like water through a sieve.

So what do you thinking about giving gift to your husband or wife? What your wife love? watch or any branded perfume? A good branded perfume may be better in my point of view. For husband a branded T – Shirt or casual shirt may work great. if you have good budget you can add a branded pant also it’s totally up to your pocket.

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