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How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Generate Leads – Evaboot

LinkedIn is the ultimate tool for B2B business professionals to build their professional networks and promote themselves. Over 500 million people from 200+ countries have joined LinkedIn, making it a valuable resource in today’s global marketplace!

LinkedIn is one way to find potential customers, but it’s not the only one. LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers many more filters and tools that will allow you to further narrow your search for an ideal customer profile. Build perfect lists of people who might want what they sell if their company specialized in certain areas or products like yours (well…maybe not exactly). Increase conversion rates like never before with personalized messages tailored just right-down keywords matching those used by prospects during searches which means less time wasted on irrelevant leads!

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a desktop and mobile application that integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn. It provides sales teams access to contact information for potential clients, accounts they are currently working on-and even extended networks where this might be useful!

LinkedIn’s newest addition: The power of searching inside your own company became available today as well; allowing all types of professional organizations (such as marketers) more opportunities than ever before using one platform.

Who is LinkedIn Sales Navigator for?

Sales Navigator is a subscription-based tool that can be used by all LinkedIn users. There are three different subscriptions available: individual, team, and enterprise respectively depending on your needs as well as the size of your company’s workforce.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator course is in-demand for prospecting, and we’ve put together the best way to use it. Start with narrowing down your parameters using sales preferences so you don’t miss any potential clients before diving into advanced filters that will give hyperfocused results!

Sales Preferences:

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is the best tool on the market when it comes to prospecting. It takes a little bit of work and planning, but we’ve put together an easy framework for using this platform that will help you get more leads in your inbox every single week! Start by selecting “sales preferences” which narrow down what industries or companies are most relevant before digging deeper into advanced filters with hyper-focused criteria specific only to YOUR business model so make sure not to miss out on any information from potential clients who may be interested.

Advanced Search

The prospecting tool on Sales Navigator is by far THE most effective. With over 20 filters to choose from, including keywords and company fields for Boolean searches–you can focus on your ideal customer with this advanced search option! watch Clifton Lobo’s video below where he talks about hacks that will help segment prospects into targeted groups.

Handy tip:

You can use the “Add Tag” feature to organize your saved accounts and leads by grouping them together in a way that works best for you.

The notes feature will allow you to store relevant information and action items on lead or account pages. For example, this is perfect for documenting your progress with a particular client by tracking what has been accomplished so far as well as recommending the next steps that need to be taken in order for him/her not only to meet goals but exceed them!

Contact Building:

Using DuxSoup, you can easily and quickly build your contacts list. It’s a LinkedIn automation tool that will allow for the automatic scanning of prospects’ profiles.  Sales Navigator as well as their name/contact details. So they’re easy to find later on when it comes time to reach out!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the perfect tool for anyone.  Who needs to build a large contact database quickly and with minimal effort. It allows you to create more leads than ever before.  While also making it easier than ever to find qualified prospects that are just waiting on your call!
What’s Inside: – Access advanced lead generation features like Sales Lidar technology which automatically generates. Field lists based upon location data of potential customers in real-time; this means no more manual searches through reams of outdated information or guessing where they’re located.

Keep your key accounts engaged with Sales Navigator. Know when to contact them and what type of message you should send.

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