How to Use SMS Marketing to Promote Your Event

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing for live events has witnessed a return in the last 21 months. SMS marketing concepts may be quite effective if applied appropriately. If it is abused, it may result in a severe response from supporters. If you want to use SMS marketing to promote live events, you need to regard it as a separate channel. You cannot just tackle it in the same manner that you would handle Email Marketing; if you do, you will fail miserably! Let’s go further into this channel to see where it stands and if it’s worth your time.

Why is SMS Marketing Effective?

In 2022, there are several reasons to examine alternate marketing platforms and channels. The pandemic’s implications on current consumer behavior and journeys include the erasure of third-party cookies and the ever-changing algorithms of search engines.

Some marketers have used tried-and-true Bulk SMS marketing concepts as well as innovative and daring ones. Marketing trends are always altering, with stories of inefficiency and boasts of incredible potential.

Let’s take a deeper look at this channel and see whether it’s worthwhile to spend your time on it. We shall first examine its statistics before summarizing its usage scenarios.

SMS Marketing’s Effectiveness

Let’s start with some excellent SMS marketing statistics. Even email marketing is a very efficient and successful marketing technique that meets those criteria.

96 percent of marketers stated SMS messaging aided in revenue generation.

In 91 percent of situations, customers are interested in signing up for SMS messages.

More than 69 percent of customers prefer to communicate with businesses through text messaging.

Finally, an incredible 70% of SMS receivers read them within 5 minutes of getting them.

Best SMS Marketing Tools to Investigate

Let’s take a look at the best 5 SMS marketing solutions that may match high expectations.

  • Guni
  • ClickSend
  • Twilio
  • SlickText
  • TextMagic

Start your company SMS marketing campaign with these tools and engage with your customers like never before.

SMS Marketing Ideas – How to Implement It

Consider incorporating SMS marketing ideas into your next virtual event or conference to create a more engaging experience!

Before the Events Begin

Create and Manage an Event

To begin promoting your event through SMS messaging, reserve your keyword—a phrase that consumers may use to subscribe to your list. Your subscribers may join up for alerts, promotions, and more with just one SMS.

This term and shortcode may be promoted on your social media networks, website, venue signage, and even the tickets themselves. It may be marketed wherever that will give it some exposure and encourage people to join up.

Provide incentives and discounts

Begin your SMS campaign by providing a discount to new sign-ups. Offering discounts on their next event tickets, coupons, or freebies for events is a terrific approach to engage an audience and get them to subscribe.

Increase Ticket Sales

By employing text messaging, you may notify your consumers when your event tickets go on sale or if there are any pre-sale events or discounts. Segment your target audience and begin your SMS campaign based on their interests – the most important SMS marketing ideas to be.

Make Event Reminders Available

Send countdown reminders prior to the weeks or days to promote enthusiasm among guests. To eliminate last-minute stress, use SMS scheduling software to automate these messages.

Throughout the Event

Create a sweepstakes

Organize a “Text-2-Win Sweepstakes” among participants and give them the opportunity to win special goods, tickets to a future event, passes, or even a gift card. Simply invite your guests to text a keyword to your shortcode and they will be instantly eligible to win.

Allow the audience to respond to the questions posed by the speaker

To make their talks more engaging, speakers usually start a dialogue with the audience. There will be a disagreement between them with hundreds and thousands of people participating online. To circumvent this, ask participants to respond to questions provided by speakers through SMS.

Following the Event

Even after the festivities have concluded, your audience remains warm. To capitalize on their enthusiasm, get feedback from them in order to make your event even more successful in the future.

Here are some pointers to help you get started with your SMS marketing once the event has been a success.

Send the text message to all of your contacts within a week after the events and obtain suitable feedback.

Avoid using obnoxious or abusive words, and never dismiss unfavorable criticism.

People will not wait for extended periods of time, therefore try to maximize the days of follow-ups.

Increase response rates by using MMS, graphics, and incentives.

The key is to be timely and pleasant – show your audience that you value their opinion. A simple thank you may go a long way.

As a last thought

SMS marketing strategies are certainly successful. When compared to email marketing, it has higher open rates, response rates, and click-through rates.

All of those SMS  broadcast strategies may be used to each stage of your sales funnel, from lead nurturing to client retention. Discounts may be used to attract new clients just as effectively as promoting items to current customers or improving their experience.

It is, however, not simple and needs careful preparation. Maintain compliance with local rules and regulations, maintain control over the tone and frequency of your outreach, and write relevant, compelling text.

Despite its short length, this list of SMS marketing ideas should get you started. If you have any more questions or would want to learn more about marketing automation, please contact Guni.

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