How to Write a Good Opinion-Based Article?

An opinion-based article is the one with the author’s point of view about a specific event. The name itself describes that you can present your opinion in this article. It reflects the author’s way of thinking and how the author looks at the problem and analyses it is included in such articles. Such articles are good for getting the information. They have a unique tone of writing. The format, structuring, and tone of the opinion-based article are different from usual essays and articles. It also has a short theme with essential information and ideas. The background and general overviews are not included in opinion-based articles. You can say that they give a better, clearer, and brief point of view for any topic.

The ease of social media has increased the number of authors for opinion-based articles. They share their opinion on different websites and engage with the readers. The reader does not look at all the articles. Suppose you want to be noticed by the reader. In this case, you need to familiarise yourself with the right tools. These writing and analysis tools will help you write an excellent opinion-based article. There are some essential things to remember in this context. These might help you in writing an excellent opinion-based article.

Strong Opening Statement

Avoid starting the article with a general statement. It might make the reader lose interest. Because of the article’s word count limitations, you should keep it precise. The opening statement should be strong. It should lead to the basic theme of the article. For example, a political piece of news might have a mix of the opening statement. It will connect the present to the future of that event. Such a statement will engage the reader in the article.

Keep The Information Short, And Concise

The information should be concise. You should exclude irrelevant background information. Your purpose is not to help the people for getting information. The idea of an opinion is to show another side of the story. Many people might already be thinking as you do. They will engage with the article immediately after reading it. At the same time, others might get an idea of the contradictory views.

Each paragraph must highlight new information. One paragraph must have similar information throughout. It will enhance the integrity of an article. The length of a paragraph must not be more than 3 or 4 sentences. Long paragraphs disengage a reader from the article. The paragraphs must be fluent with each other. Make sure you’re introducing one idea at a time. If the sentences are too long, use grammatical tools to make sense of them.

Identify New Arguments Of The Topic

According to a PhD dissertation help firm, an opinion-based article has an arguments-based approach. If you’re telling people that ‘the economy is losing its grip.’ They might want to know why you’re saying this. They probably know this already through daily life events. It would help if you addressed opinions in the later texts. For example, market fuel prices and government levied taxes have a significant role in the economy. This will give the reader an idea of the problem and how to solve it. You can follow the information. Then you can provide evidence-based information on the event. All information must have the author’s opinion for justification.

The arguments must not be random. You need to have a proper structure for the arguments. For example, you should describe one argument. Then you should follow the evidence. For example, “The economy is losing its grip in the current age. The fuel prices and government levied taxes to regulate the economy. If the production of fuel and indigenous goods is somehow increased, we could reduce economic load.” This gives a whole structure with a problem, cause, and solution. The solution is most often based on the author’s opinion.

Ensure The Quality

To ensure the quality of an opinion-based article, you should write the main points. You can write the critical point first. Then you can support it later in the article. For example, many scientists have found microwave drying helpful. Later, you will identify the different pieces of evidence. It will engage the reader in your article. It will bind the reader’s interest. These are relevant for how the scientists found them helpful. The information should be authentic. The personal opinion might be an analysis of the evidence. Still, the quality of information should be a priority.

Use Active Voice

In an opinion-based article, the use of grammar should be accurate. General rules are followed in these articles, especially those related to grammar. For example, the content should focus on active voice. Such an article addresses the reader in a natural tone. This natural tone engages his attention. The grammar should be correct so that the reader can read fluently. There should be no jargon or excessive vocabulary in the content. Use a variety of styles for writing. It will engage and keep the reader interested. You can use commas, colons, and semi-colons to describe the bulk information in a sentence. Using sentences having punctuations will also give a good image of the article.

What You Must Avoid

  • Avoid the overcrowding of vocabulary and words.
  • Don’t use too much background information in the article. It needs to be precise, with different aspects of that information.
  • You must avoid using headings and subheadings in the article.
  • Avoid asking open-ended questions or leaving them unaddressed.
  • You should not use more than four sentences in a paragraph.
  • Avoid using an indirect tone or jargon.


The opinion-based articles have a different tone than journal articles. It has an informative tone with the flexibility of the author’s ideas. These ideas are about the content. The content depends upon an author’s reflection of the event. The positive or negative side of the story in an article depends upon the author. The length of an opinion-based article is short, with precise information. It can also use grammatical punctuations, tools, and vocabulary for support.

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