How We Can Setup Canon tr4520 To WIFI

In the current scenario printers have become one of the most important devices. Nowadays they are used everywhere in the world starting from the big organization to the small enterprises as well as they are also used on homes as per the personal requirements. A printer will surely make your life easier but it might take a while to understand it completely. If you have bought a Canon Pixma Tr4520 setup then you will have to set it up initially before you can start with the printing process.

We will be covering the following points so that you won’t have to browse through a number of links to find an answer to your queries. Before you begin the setup process, unpack canon tr4520 printer. Check if the package contains all the components needed for the setup. If you wish to connect your canon tr4520 printer to the computer with a USB cable, get one from the retail store. As Canon will not provide the USB cable with the printer package, get a compatible one and perform the connections. Install the Canon printer driver on your computer and run a test print.

Canon Pixma Tr4520 setup

And in order to fulfill the needs and requirements of the users regarding printer. Canon has always tried to manufacture and design the best printers that could be easily used by the individuals.

Canon is one of the top rated printer companies which provides a wide range of portable printers that gives out high quality printouts.

These printers are multifunctional and can be used as a scanner photocopy machine too.

Canon tr4520 is one of the leading printers that has been designed by keeping in mind the trend as well as the technical improvements so that it can fulfill the customer expectations.

This is not only portable but can be used for both the corporate and personal requirements.

So if you have recently purchased the printer. Looking for Canon tr4520 setup then here is a simple process:

Step 1 : unpacking your printer as well as connecting with power cable.

  1. First and the main step is to unbox your printer by bringing it out from the cardboard box and removing all the excess tapes cuttings of the packaging material which is around the printer to provide it safety from getting damage.
  2. Once you have done by removing everything then open your power cables and connect the one end to the printer and other to the switch board in order to establish a power connection and to open the printer as well.

Step 2 :Installing and aligning the cartridges

Open the access door and bring out the cartridges out of it.

Remove the tape which is there on the cartridge and pay attention to it that you do not touch the cartridge nozzle because if you will touch it may get damage and there can be problem in the process of printing. Once you remove all the tape or the plastic which is covering the Ink cartridges inserted properly into their slots and fix them to initiate the proper flow of ink within the printer.

Also, make sure to aligned in cartridge in the printer because if the Ink cartridges will not be aligned properly the print outs may get faded or there we know colors on the paper or it can even throughout the paper without printing it.

Step 3 :Loading the printer

The next step is to put a bundle of paper into the printer. So that it can start printing was the command is given. The paper should be wrinkle free and it should be fresh to avoid any problem in the process of printing.

Step 4 : Downloading the software

The next step is to download the file of printer software compatible on your device. For this here are the given steps:

  1. Download the file”win-tr4500-1_1-mcd.dmg” .
  2. In order to open the downloaded file check the location where the file is saved.
  3. Now double tap on this downloaded file in order to open it.
  4. Double tap on the mounted disk image.
  5. Once it is done double tap again on the setup file in order to launch the screen of setup.

Make sure that you follow all the on-screen instruction in order to successfully install the driver or the software.

By completing all the above mentioned step your canon tr4520 Setup will be done.

But if you still face any problem then contact the canon help center. Here the assistant will provide you easy solutions.

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