How Will A Strike In SEPTA Affect The Students At PTTI?

Amidst the pandemic, a lot about technician schools has changed. For quite a long time, many individuals got most of their work done online. Currently, the new normal is pushing students to showcase their skills in person. However, there is a possibility of technician schools directing their students back to remote learning if there is a SEPTA strike!

How Can The SEPTA Strike Affect The USA?

If SEPTA shuts down due to a strike, then many transportation problems are sure to emerge. Besides, people working in the trades jobs might also get affected due to the sudden stop of public transportation. Students who depend on public transport to reach their school will not make it. 

Apart from that, the shortage of bus drivers would indeed mean double trouble. Amidst the pandemic, many schools agreed on a free student fare card that students could use to avail many public services. Besides, around 80,000 students studying in Philadelphia use SEPTA services to go to their schools!

How Has Progress Been Made So Far By The SEPTA?

The SEPTA strike can completely stop the running of buses, cabs, and other authorized transport vehicles. Students that go to technical colleges can have a hard time adjusting to the present conditions. Many union members have been trying to reach a considerate agreement with SEPTA to involve fair wages to all workers. 

However, a delay in processing this agreement or disapproval may lead to a strike affecting the vocational programs and Philadelphia in general. Apart from that, the union members are also requesting the inclusion of maternity leave and parental leave. Currently, SEPTA doesn’t offer such type of leave unless the sick leave has reached a limit.

Another agreement mainly involves the inclusion of financial assistance by SEPTA to the families of workers that were affected by the pandemic. However, SEPTA has now extended health benefits to all the families of such workers. SEPTA has also announced a pension of $500,000 for the families of its workers affected due to covid! 

The union has also requested SEPTA to start considering the worker’s safety values. The union president, Brown, also mentioned that if progress is not made by the end of the week, then there is a possibility of a strike!

How Are The Technical Colleges Going to Handle This Situation?

It is no doubt that a peaceful protest can change things. However, Philadelphia and the counties of Delaware and Chester are sure to be highly affected. The crowd is currently hopeful that a peace agreement can be approved without any public disturbance. 

However, if you are a student currently studying in Philadelphia or planning to study in Philadelphia, you do not have to worry. Thus, this is because many technical universities are shifting to online mode. Indeed, this also means that the teaching methods will change. 

Many training schools in Philadelphia practice advanced teaching strategies to help students gain practical knowledge even through the online mode. Apart from that, once you enroll in a professional trade course, you can complete it in a span of 26 to 31 weeks. So, whether it be plumbing, welding, automation, or sterile processing, you are sure to have a bright career ahead no matter what! 

Will The SEPTA Strike Affect High-Quality Education?

No, technical colleges in Philadelphia will continue providing vocational education to individuals aspiring to be in the skilled trades industry. 

Apart from that, students can also use apprenticeship programs and earn while completing their certification program. Furthermore, amidst the pandemic, many institutes are offering tremendous discounts and scholarships to make it easier for workers that have been affected.


No matter the situation, the strike will not affect the scope of skilled trades in the future. The skilled trade industry has constantly been evolving as well as changing. 

Besides, the current employment rise is expected to grow tremendously up till 2020. Even during the pandemic, the increase of jobs, especially in the skilled trade industry, could be easily identified. Indeed, you must not give this a second thought and opt for a vocational training program today!

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