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Identify Fake Plywood With an In-Mobile Application


Like any other industry, plywood making also has a market full of forgery cases. Several local manufacturers sell fake plywood under the name of big brands. Since fault in the originality of plywood is not much heard of and sounds weird, it is often ignored by buyers.

Imagining fake plywood isn’t a usual thing, but it does occur in the market, and people need to be well aware of this fact. There have many recorded cases where counterfeit in plywood was experienced. But, CenturyPly has launched an app called CenturyPromise that helps in recognition of fake plywood.

How to stay away from fake plywood?

Well, in a world where trust is sold in the number of pennies, you can’t afford to trust anybody. Who thought that plywood could also be fake? But it is a known fact now. The plywood manufacturers who manufacture fake plywood are highly smart and can easily deceive anyone. Their tactics and smart tricks are unimaginable, and they hold expertise in selling fake plywood. There is an abundance of such companies in the market that sell plywood. But to be on the safer side and stay away from fake plywood, you can follow some of the steps that are given below:

  • Check the dimensions

If buying from a local store, check the dimensions of the plywood from all four sides and make sure the edges are finely cut and smooth. There should not be many-core gaps or overlapping in the plywood. There is a method of checking for core gaps and overlapping properties. Just take a nail and a hammer and try to strike it on one side of the plywood, slowly. If the plywood cracks, then it is not the right type. But if it doesn’t break, then go for it.

  • Look for bending capacity

You can try to bend the plywood. If the plywood bends too much, then the plywood is fake. Original plywood does not come with bending capacity. It only bends slightly. Too much bending indicates that the plywood has been manufactured in a place where there is excessive humidity and moisture, which is not very suitable for good quality plywood.

  • Checking the sample is always a great idea

Ask for a sample of plywood from the owner. When you check the details on full-length plywood, you only get to check the outer properties. It is a great way for the owner to deceive the customers. But when you test the sample, you can check whether the plywood is even from the inside too. The plywood sheets should be equal in length, and the mist has equal gaps between them.

  • Look for certification

Certification is also an easy way to check the originality of plywood. If the plywood is not certified, then it is certainly a fake and low-quality product.

How is the CenturyPromise app helpful?

The CenturyPromise app is no less than a revolution in the plywood industry. It is a completely fresh approach and is based on an innovative concept. Unfortunately, the Indian plywood market is filled with counterfeit cases of fake plywood. Fake plywood has multiple disadvantages:

  • The quality of the furniture is completely ruined
  • If used for construction purposes, the product can end up malfunctioning
  • Low quality and cheap plywood is visible, leading to degradation of the user’s esteem

But the customers need not worry anymore about the quality and authenticity of their plywood. The CenturyPromise app has made it extremely easy to test for the quality of plywood.

How does the CenturyPromise app work?

The plywood manufacturers mark their products with a unique QR code. The QR code is specific to a particular type of plywood. The creative heads behind designing the CenturyPromise app couldn’t have made it easier by providing the customers with the option of scanning that QR code on their mobile phones to check whether the plywood is original. Yes, that’s all that you got to do. Just scan the QR code on the CenturyPromise app, and you’ll be shown if the plywood is original or fake.

Once you scan the QR code, the app will tell you the date of manufacturing of plywood and the location where the plywood was manufactured. You will also be shown further details about the plywood like the specifications, etc. The CenturyPromise app has made things extremely easy for the users, and there have been multiple cases where people were saved from buying fake plywood just because they used the CenturyPromise app to test plywood quality. Therefore, this application must be installed by all and should be recommended to friends and family and especially those who are looking forward to buying plywood for their homes.


You must have understood the importance of the CenturyPromise app and how it works. Although it is extremely easy to use and function, still for any doubts, you can refer to this article whenever you want to. The app is a great way to check for plywood quality and buy only authentic products. Therefore, do not think of buying plywood without scanning the QR code in the CenturyPromise app. Alternately you could also head to the official website of CenturyPly to know more


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