Ingredients in Bath Bombs May Irritate Sensitive Skin


The bath bombs may be fun and famous, but many people have this question in mind: Are they safe? They turn out to be a safe option for some, but it can be harmful to sensitive skin. Most of the bath bombs are colorful, frizzy and will transform the ordinary bath into a spa or work of art. You will be surprised to know that the bath bombs are hard-packed and contain a mixture of fragrances and dyes. They are very popular among kids and adults alike, and you will often notice their pictures shared on social media.  The bath bomb packaging helps the brands get recognized among people. However, bath bombs are not entirely safe as it contains plenty of ingredients that can irritate your skin and cause redness or itching. It will continue for a long, even after draining the tub. Women need to be even more careful as it has been report that it can change the PH balance of the vagina, causing irritation or infections. Here are some tips that can save you from a lot of side effects:

Breaking down bath bombs

Most of the bath bombs are made with baking soda and citric acid. Both the ingredients will neutralize with each other as soon as they are mix with water. Many other elements can be irritating for the skin and potentially very harmful. You should refrain from using them, especially if you have sensitive skin. Sometimes even the most natural ingredients can cause reactions on the skin so being cautious is always a good idea. Many essential oils can make the skin itchy or develop a rash. Sea salt is such an ingredient that will create issues for the skin no matter what. You can explore different ideas to make your bath even more fun. The ambiance will improve if you light up some scented candles around or use natural ingredients that can be good for the skin.

Fragrances and other additives

Bath bombs have a lot of fragrances used in them. The range of fragrances includes exotic flowers, bubble gum, or cotton candy for the kids. The manufacturers use many artificial and natural fragrances in the essential oils, which is why they can irritate. It can aggravate even more if your skin is itchy and dry already. The worst part is that the bath bomb brands are not obligate to write the ingredients they have used to make a bath bomb.

The consumer may not even know which ingredient can turn out to be harmful. A glittery bath looks fun and entertaining for adults and kids, but it can be not very polite for the skin. The micro beads may contain plastic, and it isn’t an eco-friendly material and is meant to harm the environment. Before you drain it inside the tub, be mindful of what you are washing down your bathroom drain. Even if you are fond of bath bombs, make sure that you don’t use them every day and enjoy them only once a week.

Dyes and Talc

The natural and artificial dyes add a lot of color to the bath bombs. Many people are susceptible to the dyes or chemicals used in such products. Even if you don’t have itchy skin, it can cause the area around your genitals to be a lot of irritation. Talc is usually associate with ovarian cancer, especially if the small particles reach the ovaries. You need to play safe and avoid those bath bombs that have talc in the ingredients. It will be a good idea to wash off your body with a lot of water, so residue on the skin will be remove efficiently.

Safe ways to beautiful baths

If your skin is susceptible, but you are still interest in using bath bombs, make sure you check the ingredients before purchasing. By avoiding talc and other harmful components, you can keep your skin safe and sound. The leading packaging companies like Custom boxes are offering excellent quality eco friendly bath bomb packaging for customers’ convenience. Many brands don’t miss out on printing necessary information on the top of the box, so purchasing them is a good idea.  You can take a bath bomb and have a test drive on it.

The process is simple as you have to rub it against your elbow and check out if any problem occurs. There is another great tip for using bath bombs as you can limit the time of the bath to 15 minutes. If you are expose to the allergens for a long time, it will harm your skin even more. Simultaneously, if you notice any allergic reaction on the skin or have some respiratory issues due to chemicals, stop using the bath bombs immediately.

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