Is DirecTV Satellite Good for International Content?

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If you are a non-English speaker living in a rural or suburban area of the US, then DirecTV Satellite is your best friend. In fact, even international viewers in metropolitan cities can get a lot of entertainment options with DirecTV packages, thanks to the multiple languages and add-ons offered. If you’ve yet to decide whether to invest in one of DirecTV Satellite’s packages, then here’s your cue.


Overview of DirecTV Satellite

DirecTV Satellite is one of the largest satellite service providers in the country. It was first bought by AT&T in 2015, but in 2021, it was spun off. Now, DirecTV is co-owned and co-managed by AT&T and TPG. To put it in numbers, 70% of the stakes are owned and managed by AT&T, and the other 30% by TPG. This buyout did not change any plans and packages the DirecTV was already offering, so it’s very simple to understand how the service works.

DirecTV Satellite and DirecTV Stream are two services that come under the same provider. DirecTV Stream is typically an OTT service with a twist; it provides live TV programming and on-demand content on your TV through the internet.

Satellite, on the other hand, is a wholly different technology. It works using the satellites in space and broadcasting TV signals through the satellite dish installed on your house. The service offers more than 300 channels to users, divided across various packages and tiers. DirecTV packages start from $64.99/mo., with its most premium package costing up to $134.99/mo.

There are many reasons why DirecTV Satellite is such a huge hit for international programming. It is very famous among Latinos, Hispanics, and non-English speakers in America. Let’s dive into the details of what packages, add-ons, and channels do DirecTV satellite has for its non-English speaking customers.

DirecTV Satellite Packages for International Programming

DirecTV Satellite has specific plans for international programming. You can opt for its English-language-based packages, and complement it with international add-ons that give you access to international channels.

International Base Packages

Basic Choice™

This choice is ideal for watching all essential TV channels. It has more than 105 TV channels, as well as local music channels, It costs $23.99/mo.

Preferred Choice™

This package is perfect for mid-to-large households where there are multiple viewers. The package includes more than 145 channels, with many HD and Premium channels as well. Some of the premium channels included in the package are HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and Starz, where the first 3 months of the subscription are free. This package costs $44.99/mo.

  • Filipino
Add-on Price Best for
FILIPINO DIRECT™ $37.99/mo. Best for complete entertainment variety
TFC DIRECT™ $26.99/mo. Best for news and sports
PINOY DIRECT® $25.99/mo. Best for basic entertainment, movies


  • Korean


Add-on Price Best for
KOREAN DIRECT™ $30.99/mo. Best for complete Korean entertainment
KOREAN DIRECT™ GOLF $35.99/mo. Best for sports
KOREAN DIRECT™LITE $19.99/mo. Best for basic entertainment and small households


  • Vietnamese


Add-on Price Best for
VIET DIRECT™ PLUS $19.99/mo.


Best for all-round content including news, sports, and movies
SBTN CHANNEL $14.99/mo.


Includes 1 channel only for 24-hours


  • Italian


Add-on Price Best for


Basic prime-time entertainment only
RAI ITALIA CHANNEL $10.00/mo. Best for documentaries and news
RAI DIRECT $17.00/mo. For RAI channel fans
ITALIAN DIRECT™ $20.00/mo. Best for news, international, drama, and entertainment
ITALIAN DIRECT II™ $25.00/mo. Best for large households and complete entertainment


  • Russian


Add-on Price Best for
RTR-PLANETA CHANNEL $14.99/mo. Only 1 channel, good for content-specific people
RUSSIAN DIRECT™ $14.99/mo. All basic entertainment content, good for 1-2 viewers
RUSSIAN DIRECT™ PLUS $29.99/mo. Best for sports and news
RUSSIAN DIRECT™ II $14.99/mo. Best for all types of Russian entertainment including music and movies


  • Chinese


Add-on Price Best for
CHINESE DIRECT™ $12.99/mo. Cantonese-speaking Chinese viewers
MANDARIN DIRECT® III $16.99/mo. Entertainment content from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong


  • Japanese


Add-on Price Best for
TV JAPAN HD CHANNEL $25.00/mo. Best for premium channel fans, viewers who want to watch HD content
JAPAN DIRECT™ $25.00/mo. Best for complete families and multiple viewers for versatile entertainment content
JAPAN DIRECT™ + TV JAPAN HD $45.00/mo. Best for watching premium entertainment content


  • Brazilian


Add-on Price Best for
BRAZILIAN DIRECT™ $29.99/mo. Best for budgeted entertainment
SPORTV CHANNEL $19.99/mo. Best for international sports and soccer lovers
TV GLOBO CHANNEL $19.99/mo. Includes 1 channel only with complete entertainment variety


DirecTV Satellite for Spanish Viewers

DirecTV Satellite particularly caters to its Spanish-speaking customer base with a wide range of add-ons and especially curated packages. Unlike its international programming, DirecTV Satellite for Spanish viewers does not require you to subscribe to a base package and then enjoy an add-on.

There are a total of 4 base packages. You can either choose from the 4 Spanish base packages or the English ones. Then, you can subscribe to any of the 4 Spanish add-ons too.

Here are the specially dedicated plans for Spanish customers:


Package Details Introductory Price
MÁS LATINO™ 120+ channels, includes English channels too $59.99/mo.
ÓPTIMO MÁS™ 205+ channels including both Spanish and English, a variety of sports channels, good for kids $69.99/mo.
MÁS ULTRA™ 240+ channels, excellent choice for large families, best for news and sports $74.99/mo.
LO MÁXIMO™ 350+ channels with premium channels like HBO Max and SHOWTIME, complete entertainment package $134.99/mo.


Other than these base packages, you can choose up to 4 add-ons that include the following:


Price: $4.99/mo.

Includes: 5+ Spanish channels


Price: $7.99/mo.

Includes: 20+ Spanish channels


Price: $7.99/mo.

Includes: 30+ Spanish channels


Price: $14.99/mo.

Includes: 130+ Spanish channels

Final Word

Keep in mind that all packages and plans are subject to varying availability based on location. It is important to reach out to DirecTV customer service, so they can guide you the best.

For international programming, DirecTV surely has a wide range of options to choose from. It caters to many communities and diverse cultures that exist in America. Not only that, but even English-speaking people can enjoy non-English content with subtitles, or for learning a new language too!

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