January is all about wedding months. Have you planned your wedding outfit yet?

 thatAmong all the popular and unrivaled methods to personalize a wedding. The use of “coordinated attire” with nearly anything and everything appears to have seized the wedding scene by storm. Outfit coordination has progressively grown to become one of the most popular wedding themes in India, and rightfully so! 

The coordination game is in full swing. Couples coordinate their clothing with one another with their family. Couples combining their outfits with wedding décor or theme.

This trend is extremely appreciated and treasured since varied techniques of coordinating weddings that offer a personal touch to the ongoing ceremonies and the joy during these days!  Squad dressed in matching attire is a sight to behold and can be cherished for times to come.

To help you get inspired and plan your wedding around this trend. We’ve compiled a list of all the different ways you may integrate outfit coordinating into your wedding. Apart from looking at online lehenga for weddings, take a look at the list we have compiled below. Here’s how – 

Tonal style

Choose a color that you adore. You don’t have to limit yourself; after considering both of your color preferences, choose a color that you both enjoy. You may also choose a specific color to match the decor. If you choose pink, the bride can choose a deeper pink hue and the groom can choose a lighter pink shade. The goal is to create a shaded effect by transitioning from dark to bright or vice versa. Pink, peach, yellow, purple, and green are the perfect colors for this concept.

Finalizing these styles will help you pick the best sherwani for weddings.

Color synchronization between the bride and groom’s outfits

There are so many methods to coordinate your clothing with your better half. wearing comparable colors, going for the same fabric, or choosing a color combination that matches well. Also, coordinating outfits look beautiful and help you cherish the beautiful memories for the times to come.

Refer to fashion websites to know more about lehenga for weddings online.

Taking a hint from the color of the bride’s dress.

Allow the bride to grab the spotlight. After the bride has chosen her designer sarees for weddings, the groom can choose a color from one of her garments (for example, a pattern element, border, lining, or second dupatta) and use it as an accent in his own. If the bride is wearing a yellow lehenga with a blue dupatta or second dupatta, the groom can match it with a blue or yellow turban, pocket square, sherwani buttons, waistcoat, and so on.

For a modern touch, you might also want to experiment with attires such as indo western for the groom

Matching clothing to the wedding theme or décor

Another great technique to be a part of this coordination game is to match your wedding dress to your wedding décor or wedding theme! As a result, make sure to experiment around with colors wisely so that your clothing and decor components don’t look as if they are clashing nor should they look strikingly loud. 

It’s crucial to use distinct colors from the same color palette or to combine related hues in new ways.

Floral clothing

Flowers are always refreshing and fashionable. If you want to try something different for your “Special Day,” go for floral clothing that goes wonderfully with your groom’s stylish suit.

Along with the floral clothing, you might also want to check for a palazzo Kurti set online.

Experimenting with Red

As we all know, red is the traditional wedding color, and it never goes out of style. You can have beautiful coordination of your wedding clothes in this captivating color as a youthful and lively pair getting set to marry. And the red hue of your wedding outfits will give you a standout style that sets you ahead of the pack on your wedding day.

Coordination of Jewelry

Grooms like dressing up almost as much as brides, but hardly ever show it with jewelry. 

A groom who dares to accessorize his suit with jewelry, standing equal to his lady love on their big day is an amazing sight to behold. When choosing jewelry, strive to match the style and color of the other pieces. If the bride’s choker features emerald stone drops, for example, the groom can wear a stacked green beads necklace.

Gold and pearl complement each other beautifully, and if the bride is wearing a lot of gold jewelry, the groom can go for pearl-encrusted accessories (like a piece of jewelry on his turban or necklace).

Another option to coordinate is to wear matching jewelry to enhance each other’s clothes. When the bride wears a green lehenga, the groom might wear a neutral-colored sherwani for groom’s wedding with green stone necklaces, and vice versa. Going for a color like ivory and wearing similar contrasting jewelry in pink ruby or sapphire is an example of a wonderful appearance. This appearance will undoubtedly appear to be complementary to each others attire.

The same print but in a different color

Picking the same print for example, floral or the same design (gotta or embroidered) and various colors for the clothing is a unique method to match. especially for smaller gatherings like your Mehendi or Haldi ceremonies. A simple Kurti plazo set with similar print and different colors might also suit well for your Mehendi and halid ceremonies. 

For a more contemporary look, you might also want to experiment with a crop top and lehenga for wedding.

At your wedding reception, this sort of coordination is guaranteed to create a statement as well as look amazing in the pictures as well.

Differentiating based on the bride’s and groom’s side

Make your side more flamboyant by having all of your friends and family, which is your entire side, wear the same or similar turbans. Alternatively, you might base your decor around a theme and use comparable clothing and props. The groom’s side can also experiment with similar indo western sherwani’s.

Ladies should have their bridesmaids wear fashionable, matching, or complementary dresses. Apart from dresses, the bridesmaids can also experiment with designer sarees. If you wish to try out something different from the norm, try out the western saree for the wedding too. To know more about the ongoing fashion, you might want to check out the current trend around the new wedding saree collection.

You may also want to have your entire side – that is your friends and family color-coordinated too!

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