Know Your Risk for High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

In the era of anxiety and stress, people suffer from high blood pressure worldwide. However, some medical conditions can increase the risk of high blood pressure. But the fact is that you can maintain healthy blood pressure by changing your lifestyle and diet plan. But before managing the high bp, you need to know about the risk factors that can stimulate your blood pressure level, that may be your existing health condition, diet, wrong lifestyle, or might be genetics. Some of the causes are under our control, but some causes are not.

To reduce healthy blood pressure first you have to identify the risk factors.

What are the conditions that elevate the risk of high blood pressure?

A few ailments can raise your gamble for hypertension. Assuming you have one of these circumstances, you can find ways to oversee it and lower your gamble for hypertension

Increased blood pressure

High blood pressure is the blood pressure that is higher than it should be in a healthy person. High blood pressure does not take place instantly, instead it develops gradually. 

Highblood pressure can be due to some traumatic circumstances or develop as a chronic and long-lasting issue. Doctors said that if you have blood pressure between 120/80 mmHg and 129/80 mm, then it is considered to be elevated blood pressure. At this point, you must take precautions to maintain a healthy blood pressure to avoid life-threatening complications.


About 60% of people who are suffering from diabetes also have elevated blood pressure. Diabetes is a chronic problem where the insulin hormone does not work properly, therefore, sugar starts to accumulate in the blood and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Thus, if you have diabetes or high blood sugar, then ask your doctor and manage diabetes.

What kind of lifestyle increases the risk of high blood pressure?

A wrong, unhealthy lifestyle increases the chance of high blood pressure. To decrease the chance of high bp talk to your doctor and maintain a healthy lifestyle… A healthy lifestyle helps you to maintain correct blood pressure.

Unhealthy diet

An eating regimen that is too high in sodium and too low in potassium puts you in danger of hypertension.

Eating an excessive amount of sodium-a component in table salt-expands pulse. The vast majority of the sodium we eat comes from handled and eatery food sources. Study sodium and hypertension.

Apart from that, not consuming enough potassium also increases blood pressure level. However, you can consume it through a diet including potatoes, yogurt, bananas, beans, these foods have a high amount of potassium.

Sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle or physical inactiveness easily elevate blood pressure level. However, regular physical exercise makes your heart strong and vasodilates blood vessels to maintain a healthy blood pressure from 110/70-120/80 mmHg. Regular physical activity helps you to maintain a healthy weight and lower your blood pressure.


Having weight is having an overabundant muscle to fat ratio. Having weight or overweight additionally implies your heart should work more enthusiastically to siphon blood and oxygen around your body. After some time, this can add pressure to your heart and veins.

Weight is connected to higher “bad” cholesterol and fatty substance levels and lower “great” cholesterol levels

In addition, hypertension, having weight can likewise prompt coronary illness and diabetes. Converse with your medical services group about an arrangement to lessen your weight to a healthy level.

Excess alcohol consumption

Drinking more than normal alcohol can increase your blood pressure. Women should not consume not more than one drink per day. Men should not take more than two drinks per day.


Tobacco increases the risk of high blood pressure. Smoking works like a slow poison because it damages the blood vessels and deteriorates the heart condition. Nicotine increases blood pressure and breath in carbon monoxide decreases the oxygen concentration in your blood.

Other factors that increase the risk of high blood pressure?

Gene is the important factor, apart from that if someone is going through too much stress and anxiety, unable to handle their emotional state may develop high blood pressure,

At the point when individuals from a family pass attributes starting with one age then onto the next through qualities, that interaction is called heredity.

Qualities probably assume some part in hypertension, coronary illness, and other related circumstances. In any case, all things considered, individuals with a family background of hypertension share normal conditions and other potential factors that expand their gamble.

The risk for hypertension can increase considerably more when heredity is joined with an undesirable way of life decisions, like smoking and eating an unfortunate eating diet.

Other factors that increase blood pressure are age, sex, race, and ethnicity. However, you can control your blood pressure by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Isometric exercise is also a good option to control hypertension. Now medical science often talk about the positive influence of  hand grippers on blood pressure

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