LED Strip lighting is always welcome in the kitchen

Light is one of the most critical features in a commercial kitchen. Restaurant owners have some tough decisions to make when lighting their kitchens. They have to ensure that they’re not only highlighting their food preparation and storage areas but also keeping these areas safe and free from injury.

Under cabinets, above splashbacks

LED strip lighting with high CRI and appropriate color temperature is also a great idea for kitchen cabinets, as it can provide more focused task lighting that allows you to better prepare food and read recipes.

Inside cabinets

Place one of these lights inside a dark pantry or cabinet to improve visibility and make it easier to find items you need.


On open shelves

Open shelves provide an opportunity for brands to showcase collectibles, glassware, dinnerware, artwork, and cook books. If a brand is looking to fill empty space on open shelves or make a sophisticated visual impression with a limited budget, display lighting might be the right choice.

Kitchen island and kickers

The floating effect is one of the most sought-after lighting styles for kitchen island areas. By placing strip lights in the recess between your island and floor, you can create glamourous effects that will really stand out from the rest. To take this a step further, when combined with strips around kitchen kickers, the lights illuminate a pathway for enhanced safety.


Under vanities and behind mirrors

Floating vanities and lights underneath can add a nice aesthetic to any suite, but they will also create a feeling of being in a spa.

Around bathtubs

All you need to do is turn on your tap! The 3-in-1 bathtub system comes with a faucet that dispenses hot and cold water and a showerhead, with a hose that helps to eliminate tube tangles.

Under beds and behind bed-heads

No one wants to stumble into their bedroom or lose their favorite pair of slippers, especially when they are in the dark. To ensure that their bedroom is always well-lit, homeowners may install strip lighting under their bed or desk. This type of lighting can be adjusted to brighten up the room in addition to ensuring that every item is visible whenever it is needed.


Above feature walls or in-ceiling cornices

The best way to use strip lighting is to first think about what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to draw attention to a certain part of the room? Are you trying to highlight a feature wall or intricate ceiling patterns? Whatever your goal is, strip lighting will help achieve it.

In wardrobes

The built-in robe and walk-in wardrobe seem nice, but they look even better when they’re better lit. Strip lighting takes away the shadow and makes it easier to see what you’re looking for.

Ceiling covings or cornices

Strip lighting works perfectly to highlight architectural details in the ceiling and creates a luxe layer of light in your living space. These lines help bring a sense of modernity to a room and are perfect for creating dramatic effects in any basement or attic.


LED lighting can help create a safer environment and more excitement in your home. LED stair lights are commonly installed underneath the steps to illuminate people’s feet as they go up and down the steps, as well as along the railings to help light the path while walking up and down.

Under furniture

Putting the lights in your armchairs and sofas will make sure you’re ready for a party. But why stop there? Under-cabinet lighting has become increasingly popular, adding the perfect touch to all kinds of modern kitchens. As an added bonus, it keeps those dark areas clear of clutter.

Behind or around picture frames

LED Photo Frames let you illuminate the artwork and photographs on display in your home or office. Whether you place them on a shelf, table, or wall. Their small size lets you place them anywhere you want to add light. They are easy to mount and can be placed inside or outside the frame of your choice.

Step treads, pathways, and railings

Add ambiance to your back deck, steps, or your garden with this strip lighting. Great for highlighting certain areas at night, use it to create the perfect atmosphere in your backyard.

Awnings or backyard verandah roofs

Get creative! Adding strip lights to the awning or roof of your verandah. Balcony or even around your sun umbrellas and outdoor furniture is a great way to enhance your space. However, please be careful when you go out over the next person’s yard.

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