A Guide for Planning Your Next Luxury Car Service Vacation

It’s important that you find out exactly what services your luxury car service offers before hiring them. Limo drivers must have a valid chauffeur s permit, and a standard driver s license as well. The most reputable car service will hire drivers who have both of those. They should also be happy to answer any questions customers have about the luxury car service, including:

Do your limo drivers wear uniforms? – Usually, the luxury car service you choose should only hire uniformed drivers. The reason for this is because some drivers may get mistaken for someone else once they are in the car. It’s also important for the uniform to match the color of the town car, and not the luxury car service so that it is easy to spot at a glance. Most of the time, the town car is decorated with the logo of the luxury car service as well, which gives patrons an idea that it belongs to the company.

Are you going to charge extra for mileage? – Yes, luxury car service companies do add extra charges for mileage. But if it’s necessary, they should be able to tell you upfront. You may also want to know what the company’s policy is concerning late fees, as it can turn a great deal of convenience into stress when you are already running late.

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Responsible for the maintenance of the luxury vehicle:

Are you responsible for the maintenance of the luxury vehicle? – A good limo service will be able to show you proof of insurance, so you know you won’t be responsible for anything in case of a breakdown. Sometimes, the luxury vehicle has special features, and so you will have to maintain it yourself. Whether it’s a flat tire or a brake problem, you should be able to get it fixed without having to pay for any repairs out of pocket. A good limo service will be there to help you with any problems you may experience.

Are you familiar with all the vehicles in your fleet? – This is important, especially if you own more than one limousine. Each car has its own attendant and is used for a different purpose. It helps to know which limo is best used for which function. Some limo companies offer a “standard” limousine, while others offer several types of limos that can be used for different occasions. Before you purchase a new limo, you should be sure you understand the difference between types and brands.

What type of vehicles are you offering with your ride-sharing services? – Many luxury car services offer SUVs, sedans, motorcycles, and other large vehicles. The best way to choose the right vehicle is to understand your customer base and what they wish to be able to drive. For example, many upscale limo companies offer SUVs only, but if your business depends on the more utility-oriented models, you may want to consider offering an SUV.

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Luxury vehicle is reserved at a local airport:

Will your luxury vehicle be reserved at a local airport. Or does it need to go somewhere else? – Many limo companies now offer ride-sharing services at airport locations, especially for business travelers. If your luxury town car doesn’t come equipped with luxury features. Like climate control and power windows. It’s likely you’ll be charged an extra fee.

How are you going to make payments for your ride-sharing services? – Most limo companies offer payment systems that include automatic bill pay, credit cards, and even gift cards. Contact your ride-sharing service to find out how you’ll make payments for your luxury car services.

Does your luxury car services company offer special promotions or incentives? – Many upscale limo service companies offer daily specials and promotions that can save you a lot of money on your next outing. This can help you get discounts on not only your car rentals but gas as well. Check into any promotions your luxury car services company may be running to see if there are any special prices or benefits you’re not already aware of.



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