Magazine app for iPad and the digital publishing world

After the advent of the Apple iPad, the reformation of the pricing system for electronic books transformed the game, and publishers, writers, and readers have adjusted to the novel digital publishing globe. If you search on the App store, you will find a lot of magazine apps for iPad. Being a publisher or business owner you should invest in a magazine app for iPad to do well in the publishing game.

Influence of the iPad

After the iPad goes into the hands of customers into the 2010 Spring, the publishing industry transformed overnight. By all means, the amazing iPad turns up as an upgrade over the plain electronic reader Amazon Kindle, its nearest competitor, over and above the Sony electronic reader, and other similar e-readers available in the market. Apple iPad, fundamentally a bigger edition of the iPod Touch, retails at an affordable price. The customers are only a click away from a big number of apps available on the App Store specifically designed for the iPad.

Publishers turned global

There is no longer any doubt about the great charisma of digital publishing. Publishers that are not thinking about dual programs in paper print and digital publishing would be put behind by those publishers that do. The novel price deals with Apple that have made ebooks a bit pricier to readers and hence a bit more lucrative for publishers, should make the decision to adopt digital publishing a lot simpler for publishers. And the advantages for publishers are a lot in numbers. Ebooks do away with costly printing & warehousing expenses, and supply issues (for instance out of paper printed books) just don’t exist. Further, there are no geographic boundaries, and as a result, publishers can go global. People all around the world can access ebooks without actually having to go out. This saves a lot of time and resources from the readers’ perspective as well.

Magazine apps increase the reader base

With the help of a magazine app for iPad, you can increase your reader base. Not to mention, people at the present time are glued to their mobile phone and tablet screens around the clock. They download apps that they find useful. Having a magazine app makes sure that you give them content quickly and on the go. Your readers and subscribers can go through your content wherever they go. The best thing is they can carry your magazines and an unlimited number of archived magazines without having to actually make their bag packs heavy.

The transforming role of authors

Earlier, the road to success for authors was more often than not via a publishing house. Nevertheless, authors accept digital publishing would greatly be capable to control their own road. Authors now have the alternative to turn to digital or online publishing. And this is a great thing. Since the same cost-cutting benefits of digital publishing exist for authors since they do for publishers, authors could write & self-publish digitally at low prices. Authors would be capable to control their work & their earnings to a level that was not possible in the past.

What is there for readers and customers?

Eventually, the great winner in the present digital publishing globe would be the readers and customers. At the present time, owing to the growing market competition, electronic readers are available at low prices. Readers can purchase an iPad without having to burn a hole in their pockets. So, there is no barrier between publishers and their readers and subscribers.

iPad offers something extra

People consider iPads more than e-reader owing to the wide variety of features it offers. The full color 10-inch display along with bright display and other features make the iPad a perfect reading device. The other features of the iPad include zooming in on text and search features. The multi-touch screen is amazing for reading in low light. The dimensions of the device are exactly the same size as a conventional paper magazine. That is why it is very convenient to read digital magazines on the iPad.

Features of a magazine app for iPad

A quality magazine app for iPad is loaded with features like page flipping effect. This effect impersonates the page-flipping of an old school paper printed magazine. Readers can actually use their fingers to flip the pages of the digital magazine. The sound effect will also be very real. This provides an engaging and immersive digital experience to the readers.

You can generate advertising revenue from your magazine app by selling your advert space. You can also generate revenue from paid subscriptions.

The bottom line

Digital publishing has taken the world by storm. The demand and popularity of digital publishing have enhanced manifolds after the COVID19 pandemic. More and more publishers and business owners are accepting the trend in order to stay in the business. People today also want to read digital content and thus as a smart publisher you need to invest in it. To truly take your publishing game up, invest in a quality magazine app for iPad. You can find a lot of app development companies that can fulfill your business needs.

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