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Online Store Design with Magento

Magento, WooCommerce , Drupal Commerce , Prestashopor Shopify , if you are thinking of starting a virtual store, these names will sound familiar to you. We are talking about some of the best known design editors for the implementation of this type of networked spaces.

Some of them are plugins (WooComerce) that need a base to function, while others are spaces designed exclusively for the creation of your virtual store (Prestashop). In this case, we are going to know a little more about Magento, one of the most used CMS to start your online business .

Magento web design

What is Magento

We are talking about the CMS platform, also known as a content management system. Among its main features stands out that it is a free code system (O pen Source) that allows you to create any kind of e-commerce area. This includes stores, websites, reseller platforms, dropshipping and more.

It’s a fully customizable area that gives you complete control over your site, from design to sales channels. It’s also a modular system that has great scalability when it comes to growing your business.

If you decide to go this route to launch your online store, it’s best to enlist the help of professionals to design your site.

Advantages of using Magento

Betting on this option will allow you to join a system of proven success, which is used by both large companies and small businesses that have just started.  Magento Template

Versatile content

It has a very versatile editor that allows you to manage your space quickly and easily. If you are looking for something individual, the possibilities are endless, since it is open source.

Responsive design

Mobile phones are one of the points where more sales are achieved, Magento has the ability to adapt the content to achieve a correct display on smaller screens. In addition, it pays special attention to adapting the different parts of the purchase process.


The positioning of your store is crucial, so the platform allows you to integrate third-party programs such as Google Analytics, which helps you understand statistics about your performance. On the other hand, you can make the necessary changes to adapt the space to the appropriate SEO strategy.

Great capacity

The power is undoubtedly its biggest asset, has the ability to manage a million products and manage eighty thousand orders at the time . All this with chips of different complexity, without a doubt, a whole machine.


Its versatility is very high, allowing it to be connected with other types of systems that you already have in your business, such as an ERP .


It is a platform that enables different levels of security. The expertise in this area enables additional security elements such as secondary passwords or login authentication codes.

Search options

Integrating a product finder is easy, simple and allows you to modify the configuration . Tags, suggested searches, most viewed or recently purchased products are just some of all the options it can offer you.

Professional community

Being such a widely used system, it has a large number of developers who offer high-quality and up-to-date modules. It is estimated that there may be more than 800,000 programmers around the world who can offer solutions to your business.

Multiple store

You will be able to manage stores in different languages ​​and currencies from a single space . The ability to internationalize with this platform is quick and easy.

Magento features

When designing your online sales space in Magento you can use different modules created by its huge community of developers. These are some of the features that you cannot miss and that are available for integration.

Store management

You will be able to manage all your space from a single place being able to control different stores or the same one in different places. In addition, it has an API key to integrate into third-party applications quickly and efficiently.

Online marketing

Among the different modules that you can add you will find a wide variety of online marketing options :

  • Promotions : you can generate flexible coupons or offers by setting different parameters.
  • SEO tools : quickly generate a Site Map so that Google knows your structure and defines key elements such as URLs or meta elements.
  • Clients : generate client groups and analyze your audience to carry out a segmentation of your company.
  • Tags : categorize and tag your products to be able to relate them quickly, you can create packs.
  • Email marketing : add a module to launch campaigns through newsletter .

To check that all this is working efficiently you need statistical tools. There are different options to have a global vision that helps you visualize the best customers, the products that are sold the most or the inventory you have.

Product Catalog

The management of catalogs is critical in sales of your website. Magento has a number of unique features to be able to manage it quickly and efficiently:

  • Product display : products must be visible to attract buyers; videos, images, comments or comparisons are tools that will help you.
  • Order management : the customer must always be informed and you too, you can do it with different data such as the number of orders, their status or generate invoices or delivery notes.
  • Inventory management : you can have control of your inventory in one place and, if you wish, inform customers about the available units of it.

User Profiles

To differentiate yourself and make a difference you must have a good digital treatment towards your clients, for this you have a large number of tools :

  • Landing page
  • Guest account
  • Account and profile creation
  • Wish lists and shipping history
  • Management of customer information such as the shipping address

Payment methods

The payment method may vary depending on your interests or needs. In this platform you have all the alternatives you want, either from the base configuration (PayPal) or by including modules that can help you create virtual POS .


When it comes to expanding to other parts of the globe, there are two basic barriers: language and currency. From Magento there is support to make this change and offer the same benefits to all your clients.

Decisions prior to the start-up of the store

When you decide to start your online store it is important that you stop for a moment to think about a series of previous questions of great relevance. With these well-defined key points, everything will be easier for the development of online stores Magento Development Company in Lahore .


Take into account the knowledge you have about web development and design . In this type of platform it is necessary to have a solid foundation, otherwise your project may stumble without having managed to walk.

So that everything goes smoothly, you can bet on leaning on a professional in the sector to help you in the start-up of your project.

Products to sell

Be clear about the products that can be found on your website, when configuring it, it will not be the same if they are physical than if they are downloadable . In addition, you have to keep in mind the amount of products that you are going to have and it is worth doing a previous work of photography and categorization.


A platform like Magento allows practically unlimited customization of your website, both in design and internal operation. It is important that you carry out a study to know the needs of your business and be able to adapt your store to them.

Regarding the design, you can choose between basic templates on which to make changes and give them a certain personality or bet on your own and unique design.


To get started you need a server to host your web space. You will have to analyze the different technical characteristics that they offer you to choose the most appropriate one. It is a fundamental piece, since it directly intervenes in the user experience through parameters such as loading speed or onpage navigation .

We recommend that you bet on a reliable server with proven experience that is also capable of growing as your business grows.


Server, domain, plugins, improvements or advertising actions represent an expense on your website. Although Magento is free software, there are certain essential elements for which you must make a payment.

It is important that you keep this in mind to set your budget and not fall into the feeling that having an online store is free.

Online store development with Magento

Now that you know the advantages and characteristics of your store, it is time to start its development. These are some of the basic steps you have to follow to get it started.

Magento Logo

Download the file

The first thing you should do is download the file from the official Magento website to make sure you have the latest version. The best option is to download it in zip format.

Add it to your server

It is time to create a space on your server to host your online store . Once done, it is time to start the installation . In this part of the process you must define parameters such as username and password, location or time zone. In this part of the process, the routes and the name of the server are set, the rest of the options can be the default ones.

Store setup

To configure your store you must create add a new page from the content panel. The first thing will be to give it a title and define the following fields:

  • Content : text editor to generate the content.
  • Optimization : generate a URL and meta elements.
  • Web : if you manage several stores you must set the site where you want to show it.
  • Design : define your space with templates or custom elements.

To finish the process, don’t forget to save your website.

Shipping settings

The information and management of shipping costs is essential in any e-commerce . Magento has a space for this that is intuitive and highly customizable if you want to provide different solutions. You can define a free shipping , a fixed price or a rate table based on certain variables.

Product configuration

It is time to include products on your website . To do this, you must access catalog, product and create product from the control panel. It is time to include information such as name, price, images, and meta elements.

Payment settings

To facilitate the purchase for your customers you can configure different payment options . To start them up, you must do it from the payment methods tab in sales and configuration.

You can choose different options such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, bank transfer or cash on delivery. Remember to always save the chosen configuration.

Magento, a great option for an online store

Magento community

Without a doubt, Magento is a great option if you are looking for a space with a high customization capacity. In addition, it has a multitude of options through modules and plugins to expand the functionalities.

It has a large number of advantages such as responsive design or its great capacity, and it has features that differentiate it from the rest, such as marketing, analysis or catalog management tools.

Starting it up is quick and easy , you must install it on your server and perform a series of basic configurations, from that point you only need to add the products and the extra functionalities you need.

If you also have an experienced professional by your side you can make a design and development that perfectly adapts to the lines of your business. There are other options such as WooCommerce or Prestashop but Magento has become a benchmark thanks to its functionalities and its large community of developers.

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