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Master The Art Of SMM Training In Lahore With These4P’s

 SMM Training In Lahore

social media marketing (SMM) in Lahore refers to the use of social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services. Social media marketing provides companies with a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones while allowing them to promote their desired culture, mission, or tone

The new era of marketing

Every SMM training in Lahore will be familiar with the strategy of the commercial mix ( marketing mix ) and the four variables that compose it, the famous “4 P’s of Marketing” : product, price, point of sale and promotion. But are these concepts still applicable to a social media marketing strategy? Of course! You just have to adapt them to the online world.

  • Product

Whether it’s a physical item, a service, or an experience, the product is a key part of your campaign. Before the digital age, customers relied on sensory experience to determine product quality and viability. Currently, your product itself is your content and the format in which you decide to present it. For this reason, the quality of your content is vital and a great challenge. However, it is also a great opportunity, since within social networks there are an incredible variety of formats to present. Your product and highlight all its characteristics. This point is explored in depth in the last “P”: promotion.

Another element that has changed considerably thanks to internet connectivity is that customers can access. Opinions and reviews of your product immediately and thus inform their purchase opinion. A tool that can help you stay informed in real time of the opinions and sentiment that your brand or a specific product is generating is social listening. Social listening is the practice of monitoring all your social networks to discover all the mentions of your brand, your products and your competitors. Through a single dashboard, Hootsuite makes it easy to monitor these keywords and social media conversations. With social listening, you can ensure that your product always maintains a good image. and join the conversations that happen around it. Hootsuite Insights is a great ally in this part. Since they allow you to monitor more than 100 million data sources and even track sentiment by location, language, and gender.

  • Price

For many consumers, price is the deciding element that results in a purchase or not. The accessibility that the internet gives us to put our products on sale has reduced operating costs for many companies. Also, this has increased competition, no matter how narrow your niche is. In addition, users can immediately compare your prices with those of your competitors to inform their purchase decision. For this reason, setting an appropriate price, which is attractive to your consumers and also profitable for you, is one of the most laborious and sensitive tasks of the digital marketer. Help yourself in this part with tools like Brandwatch to always keep up to date with what is happening in your niche and with your competitors.

  • Point of sale

The point of sale is the place where you decide to sell your product. Thanks to the heyday of E-commerce (electronic commerce) and in particular M-Commerce (where users can make purchases from their mobile devices), any company can sell its products online, which has significantly transformed and simplified the purchasing process . For this part, you need to do market research to find out where your consumers congregate in the digital universe. In this way, you can decide, for example, if direct purchases on Instagram are viable for your company or if Facebook Marketplacemore closely matches your profile. This is not as complicated as it sounds. As we mentioned before, the most popular social networks offer a free statistical report – such as Instagram or Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights – on the performance of your company in these channels.

  • Promotion

Of the four “P’s”, this is the point that has changed the most in marketing strategies in the digital age. Often also referred to as “Advertising”, this point refers to the format in which you decide to present your product. According to the annual report The Global State of Digital in 2021 created by IT-Device and We Are Social, Facebook has an advertising reach ( the number of users its ads can reach) of 82 million globally. Of course, this reach that social networks offer us has completely changed the transmission and content of our messages.

To choose the best channel to present your product and meet your goals, ask yourself questions such as:

Where do my clients congregate?

With what type of content do I get the most interactions: images, videos, Stories, etc.?

What role do ads play in my content promotion marketing strategy?

Again, the answers to these questions are found in your social media metrics, and Social Media Marketing can help you with this. and also about SMM training in Lahore

Here are 5 specific tactics based on this information that you can implement in your social media marketing strategies.

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