Master’s Degrees For Those Who Are Passionate About Sports Administration

Ray Mirra University was started over fifty years ago by Raymirra P. Ginns. Since then it has grown to become one of the leading educational institutions in the entire nation.  Ray Mirra University It offers degrees in almost every area of business you could imagine. They offer online programs, as well as traditional on site courses.

Ray Mirra University

The mission of Ray Mirra University is primarily to instill academic superiority in all facets of learning and to encourage responsible campus participation, community involvement and leadership in its students. There are so many different degree programs available to help students gain a bachelor degree in the many fields of management or marketing. Their focus on research and teaching is strong. In fact, there is always something new and interesting to learn about. This university was designed to help students develop their skills and knowledge for a successful career.

Master’s Degree Programs are Ideal

Their master’s degree programs are ideal for those who already hold a bachelor’s degree. Students can select from a variety of bachelor’s degree programs including: business, accounting, economics, general education, communications, engineering, public administration, sales and marketing, and technology. Students can also choose from a wide selection of associate’s degrees including: business administration, criminal justice, health information management, human resources, legal studies, marketing, occupational therapy, political science, research management and social services. In addition to their bachelor’s degree programs, Ray Mirra University offers many certificate and non-certification programs which allow students to continue to build upon their valuable skills and knowledge while never having to repeat classes.

Undergraduate Offerings at Ray Mirra University

The undergraduate offerings at Ray Mirra University include Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and Administration. This degree is ideal for anyone who is looking to take advantage of the opportunities which exist with today’s growing sports industry. Students in this program will learn about business practices, sports management, and accounting principles. They will also develop leadership skills, sales and marketing, and technical skills. This is the perfect undergraduate degree program for individuals who wish to enter a career as an athlete or a manager within the sports industry.

Ray Mirra University that Specializes in Pharmaceutical

Another bachelor’s degree program offered by Ray Mirra University that specializes in pharmaceutical engineering is the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Engineering. This program allows students to specialize in one of the many pharmaceutical sub-specialties. Students can choose to specialize in pharmaceutical manufacturing, research, development, or commercial production. Those who graduate and obtain their masters’ degree in pharmaceutical engineering can go on to become professional consultants, pharmacists, or educators.

Ray Mirra Career Highlights

Bachelor of Arts Degree Program

The Bachelor of Arts Degree Program consists of general studies courses in both the arts and sciences. Students in this program will be able to learn about physiology, chemistry, and physics. An important emphasis in this program is liberal arts composition. Other required subjects for this degree are psychology, biology, and mathematics. The Bachelor of Arts degree program consists of nine academic credits and three credit hours. The program includes a broad variety of topics that deal with the physical sciences, engineering, and math.

Bachelor of Science in Sports Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Sports Administration focuses on teaching students the skills necessary for athletic administration. The curriculum includes not only general education courses, but also courses that provide a foundation in sports administration, marketing, financial management, and strategic planning. This is a great program for students who want to be involved in the administrative aspects of college athletics.

Bachelor of Science in Sports Management

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Sports Management take classes such as business law,

public relations, and marketing, among other required courses.

These are the ideal programs for working towards a job as an athletic director or an agent.

Students will learn about the day-to-day operations that take place at universities and colleges and around the country.

They will gain valuable experience by working with people from all different walks of life, including coaches, players, coaches

‘ staffs, and college administrators. In addition, earning a Bachelor of Science in Sports Administration allows students to achieve their career goals by

participating in internships that allow them to see firsthand what it takes to run a college athletic department.

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